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  • PrinceDaniel07

    My favorite Slayer album! Just so much raw energy, and I really love their spins of these punk songs!

    September 2014
  • sleepyheadtM

    its like shitting bunch of ice cubes into my ears

    May 2014

    Ну где такое видано, чтобы метал-группа каверила панк-хардкор группу

    March 2014
  • musicmaniac7778

    i was also 16 when i heard this album..and changed it..and also made me like the bands they covered!!

    September 2013
  • ClaytonxD

    this is PUNK! and is the best hardcore punk

    September 2013
  • Romulus666

    DDAMM has to be one of the greatest songs ever written.

    July 2013
  • Blvd_Nights

    My favorite

    May 2013
  • Treats4TheSOUL

    I heard this when I was 16. It changed my life.

    February 2013
  • Dario97

    Fuck ! this is sooo awesome :D They should do new album with punk covers :)

    August 2012
  • LawLieTicp

    I love it :D

    July 2012
  • Killed-By-Death

    I think it's a great album

    June 2012
  • LuizOpbrasil

    I like this album, it's not as bad as everybody says.

    March 2012
  • ShmoofingFabsee

    i actually really like this album now :)

    March 2012
  • XtremeBrutality

    It is a fun album to listen to yessssss !

    February 2012
  • podgethebastard

    @ThePhenomen fucking right

    February 2012
  • wisbech

    I never listen to punk but I fucking love this album. Anyone better informed: What else sounds like this???

    January 2012
  • ThePhenomen

    I think Undisputed Attitude is one of the fucking best albums from Slayer. And one of the best fucking albums around the fucking world.

    January 2012
  • gabrys6

    najchujowszy kurwa album

    November 2011
  • InsaneReality

    Feeling jealous of those who got to see them playing these songs live in 1996 >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NNXrtxw1Ik

    November 2011
  • InsaneReality

    A Mike Tyson's punch to da fuckin' face!

    November 2011
  • Romulus666

    The first few songs sound like they are all one song.

    October 2011
  • RedSteel92

    Perfect name for the album. That's what it's all about man.

    August 2011
  • LeandroPaz

    yeah, I DO like it!

    July 2011
  • Woaaw

    one of the best cover albums

    June 2011
  • ignjholio

    love it!!!

    May 2011
  • Perryos11

    Good album but i don't think much of the Violent Pacification D.R.I cover, coudl have been so much better

    May 2011
  • Soundservant

    If I had to choose only 1 hardcore punk album to listen to for the rest of my life, it would definitely be this.

    April 2011
  • BurningRemnant

    I didn't know that early hardcore punk songs are this good. I'm already hooked on the Minor Threat original material, and I will look into many others, too (D.I., G.B.H., Dr. Know, Verbal Abuse in particular)

    April 2011
  • mynameisjoehann

    Excellent album

    March 2011
  • Killed-By-Death


    February 2011
  • Thhrashard

    The best cover album ever, and fuck the closed minds, this is fuckin' great music!

    February 2011
  • Chirurg666

    Hah, fun album to listen to!

    February 2011
  • rok2slayr

    i love punk. i love slayer. can't stand this album.

    January 2011
  • mepk

    My favorite slayer album!

    January 2011
  • AndreDias164

    yeah i agree with the dude below...for those who don't know punk was a big influence directly and indirectly ways in many musical genres...and actually this album is pretty good with some hardcore and punk on it

    December 2010
  • Ds80Satyricon

    Great album! But "Reign in blood", "south of heaven", "god hates us all" and "christ illusion" are better!

    December 2010
  • Killed-By-Death

    yeah!! fucking great album this is!

    October 2010
  • wormsaiboty

    HARDCORE slayer, lol

    September 2010
  • ManicRepression

    for those who have not heard this yet.. you can listen to the Pap Smear Demo (Jeff Hanneman's hardcore band.. also featuring Dave Lombardo and Rocky George (Suicidal Tendencies)), who did the originals of "DDAMM" & "Can't Stand You" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xOJCWRC6rs

    September 2010
  • TheKEZ

    Yeah, this is great. I thought I was alone in thinking it was sorely underrated, but I guess not :D

    September 2010
  • levitate85

    Cracking album. There's a couple of off songs, Gemini for example, but it's a fun album to listen to. It's heavy and has an odd sense of humour lurking underneath.

    September 2010
  • minneserv

    MY favorite slayer album

    August 2010
  • ManicRepression

    thanks all, glad to see others agree. It is not as if this was the start of a new sound, it was more less a tribute album. I mean, listen to say "Kill em All" by Metallica, and you can hear how much they were influenced by the Mistfits on that album. The hardcore scene in the early 80's was great, tons of great bands. Maybe one day we will see a sequel to this one, that would be cool.

    August 2010
  • infernational

    @ManicRepression, you're REALLY right. Saying that UA isn't Slayer is for people who knows only Reign in Blood, God hates us all, or commercial punk shit.

    August 2010
  • sebadagostino

    @ManicRepression, thanks for your words!!!!!! [2] Great album!

    August 2010
  • xjasonleebyasx

    Most underrated Slayer album. Also the most underrated album of the 90s.

    August 2010
  • Hetfield55

    @ManicRepression, thanks for your words!!!!!!

    August 2010
  • ManicRepression

    I love this album, I do not get the hate it receives. Most likely just cause of close minded Metalheads who think all punk sucks cause they associate it with Green Day and Blink 182. I think if they were to open their mind up to other types of music, and realise that Thrash Metal was the bastard son of Hardcore Punk they would be able to appreciate what the genre has to offer. To lump Blink 182 and Green Day with bands like Cryptic Slaughter, Crumbsuckers, Suicidal Tendencies or Verbal Abuse is like lumping Korn with Suffocation or Death, just cause both styles are related to the Metal genre. Fact is, on this album Slayer is paying tribute to those types of punk bands that inspired them. Listen to some good Hardcore/Crossover and then listen to this album, and you may realise it is a great album that was just a one off thing. Screw this close minded "punk shit" stuff and open your minds.

    July 2010
  • NujillicA

    Slayer goes Crossover!

    June 2010
  • Metalwilly1

    this album is the worse album ever that dosen't sound like thrash Metal it's sounds more like punkshit

    June 2010