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Reign in Blood

Reign in Blood


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  • South Of Heaven is the worst Slayer record from the 80s by far.
  • Simply awesome!
  • 9/10
  • I mean both are masterpieces just SOH are the best!
  • Not overated at all, but not better than South Of Heaven.
  • This is Awesome :D
  • Thra.. Fucking Metal Cornerstone!
  • Amazing record my forth favourite record by slayer \m/
  • Thrash Fucking Metal Cornerstone!
  • You really have to be an idiot to think that no one cares about this. Still the most furious, focused and violent thrash metal album.
  • Master of puppets doesn't look tiny beside this monster at least because it's not thrash
  • In 1986 - hell! Today - overrated. No one really seems to give a shit about this album apart from the two obvious songs, but on the other hand you cannot really make a full album of songs with that caliber. It's good for what it is, I suppose, but it sure was a lot greater for its time. Not their best but certainly essential for any fan of metal.
  • Fucking masterpiece.
  • Its a good album but still overrated by fanboys.
  • In 1986 this was just unreal. The ultimate brutal stuff you would get in US those days.
  • blueprint for Death Metal. Still fucking evil and disturbing nowadays
  • I had this when I was younger and thought it was cool. Looking back, this album is fucking evil. I'm surprised my mom even bought it for me when I was 12. Good album nonetheless...
  • Refraining from headbanging is a struggle
  • ебашиловоооооооо
  • MasterFuckingPiece!
  • south park and naruto sucked
  • One of the best thrash album of all time.
  • Best thrash album of all time.
  • Its nearly half the length of MOP yet it has way more riffs and better song structures.
  • "Master Of Puppets looks tiny beside this monster." the hell with that. Reign in Blood is better than most thrash albums period.
  • insanity
  • Thrash fucking metal with balls!!
  • Masterpiece
  • what I stack any other extreme metal album against
  • The most aggressive, concise, relentless, speedy thrash album. Listening to it loudly always feels like smoking a bowl of speed. It stands the test of time as one of the best albums of all time. This is a 3-Way tie with South of Heaven and Seasons in the Abyss as a Slayer favorite album for me.
  • There's no David to defeat this Goliath.
  • o_O
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  • possibly the best thrash record I've heard.
  • "Master Of Puppets" looks tiny beside this monster. [6]
  • The best thrash album of all time.
  • cadaz gan !!
  • Melhor Album
  • I had this album on cassette tape in middle school. It was short enough the entire album fit on one side of the tape. I don't think this tape left my Walkman for at least a year. I didn't listen to anything else.
  • If I only needed one record for the life, this would be it. It's absolutely perfect in all ways.
  • This album just makes you wanna drink more and more beer, while you listen to it. I don't know ... at least that's how it works for me. MASTERPIECE!
  • When asked why Reign in Blood has retained its popularity, King replied: "If you released Reign in Blood today, no one would give a shit. It was timing; it was a change in sound. In thrash metal at that time, no one had ever heard good production on a record like that. It was just a bunch of things that came together at once."
  • Hell Awaits is better yay
  • класика!!!! [2] "Master Of Puppets" looks tiny beside this monster. [5]
  • класика!!!!
  • 1,390 scorbbles in my library, first CD that I bought :)


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