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  • Yes, because we all know the Glam bands werent infamous for being pussy magnets. Including Slaughter, most notably Dana Strum. Moron.
  • The pic should be the heterosexual Slaughter, obviously the Canadian one.
  • Glam Slaughter > Shitty Quality Canadian Slaughter. I have the Fuck of Death demo, its terrible. Honestly.
  • I'm with Slavland1184.
  • There are 3 pics of Canadian Slaughter and only one of glam rock one. There should be an equal amount of both bands' pics - otherwise everybody will moan which band should be in the pic. I can see glam Slaughter has more listeners, but mostly death metal fans are moaning here. Learn to share this site hehe :)
  • The Death/Thrash band should be the pic. They formed first, and they don't suck. Gay ass glam shit.
  • the glam band is good but i want to get some music of the death metal band
  • What a coincidence. I hate faggots just like you.
  • i hate death metallers. so much.
  • one, two, one, two, FUCK YOU!! six, seve, eight, MASTURBATE!!
  • Only 735 total plays of Fly to the Angels? I'm quite suprised.
  • Make way for the incinerator!!!
  • Yes the mangler worship yes me like a DISINTEGRATOR/REFRIDGERATOR
  • *snap* *CRACKLE* .........*POP!* Busta!
  • Thnik I'm gonna FLLYYYY, fly to the ANNNNGELS... POPPED.
  • Aquanet hair or no, shoutbox cherry POPPED!


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