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  • thank u bemani
  • How come the Re-Edit album isn't on here?
  • tv reporter, bitches
  • audio lord
  • the key word of slake's description is 'genius.'
  • I was able to find another picture of SLAKE, please vote it so we can have that awesome picture.
  • lower world (FIND A WAY MIX) is awesome.
  • Slake or die.
  • "worst album ever made" uh huh yeah whatever smalldick573
  • Beyond the Dead Future is the worst album ever made.
  • super awesome funky sound :)
  • where the hell am I? it's like I have by mistake wandered into a completely foreign music universe! I've never heard of this guy or his music and I don't care. :( yet, there is obviously alot of people that is listening to this guy! fascinating...
  • 5鍵最重要人物の一人。
  • I think Slake is actually a great Bemani artist, but there are some songs I didn't really like. I could understand why some people don't like Slake considering that his composition style is somewhat different than other BEMANI artists.
  • Slake is for real. About the way he feels.
  • cell phones
  • best bemani artist. mint 22dunks my blcoks imma replay that
  • slake babby
  • ah. he did a remix on Denjin K called HYPER BOUNDARY GATE -SLOW FLOW MIX-
  • Actually, I was wrong. He didnt have anything on troopers. I thought SEQUENCE CAT was on it but it wasn't, it's just on Gold CS. He had a remix on Sota's album. He might have done a remix on LED's album, but I didn't even know he had one.
  • Are you sure? I was under the impression he was inactive from 10th Style to AC Troopers (everything in between he composed before he left Konami) and his most recent work was a remix on LED's album and a collaboration on CS Gold (Platinum Cat). Fill me in if you know something I don't, I'm curious :P
  • screamsquad what are you talking about? he's been making less and less each style. on troopers he only had half of a song.
  • quirky
  • He seems to be making music for IIDX again, awesome.
  • tagged as fucking amazing
  • Choo Choo Train ain't nutin' ta fuck wit.
  • man slake has really grown on me, not that i hated him at all before but holy shit his stuff is great
  • Lower World [FIND A WAY MIX] is fucking amazing.
  • That 4 downloadable song... is it really made by SLAKE? no techno-ish
  • [url=]Forktronica the group[/url].
  • I was wondering that myself. You can bet if SLAKE ever made a song with the title 'creepy song' it'd be a lot better than that.
  • Takehiko Fujii is hot for a japanese guy damnn haha
  • Haha I love how someone tagged Slake as Fucking Amazing Its so true :D
  • Slake owns on 5-key
  • Slake, please.
  • lol Slake lol
  • Slake is in the top 5 Bemani artists easily.

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