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Skyforger's first CD on Mascot Records. In this album, band tried to distance themselves from Norwegian black metal. Reviews of the album called the style both black and death metal with folk elements. Band already started to use here many folk song melodies and ancient instruments, for providing which have to thank local center of folk music.

Skyforger studied playing those instruments without any instruction, it was that way with folk songs too - bassist Zirgs was the only one who had sung in a choir before. Many ideas of music and atmosphere were inspired by trips to ancient Latvian worship places and historical monuments, or simply by spending time out in the countryside.

Lyrically album deals with four ancient Baltic tribe fights against Knights of the Order of Sword, which came at the end of the 12th century to turn the last pagan tribes in Europe to the Christian faith.
After century long merciless battles they were able to conquer the lands of ancient Latvian tribes, but the pagan belief of those was never destroyed – it has been living in people's minds and everyday life up to date. Since this album Skyforger sings only in Latvian language.

Kauja Pie Saules brings you back to the time when countless bloody battles were fought. Time goes on… but legends remain – nothing's forgotten. The banner adorned by Pērkons sign is still flying…

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