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  • Avatar for eslamgamal
    Skogen is my new addiction, honestly. Seriously. Go, fellow Swedes! (2)
  • Avatar for jiiggiie
    Skogen is my new addiction, honestly. Seriously. Go, fellow Swedes!
  • Avatar for _duif
    This has grown on me... Quite like it now. Still not in the league of the other bands I mentioned 9 months ago though.
  • Avatar for Thrica
    Correct tag: sk⛻ʞƨ
  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    I used to be pretty indifferent about this band, but the new album is surprisingly amazing.
  • Avatar for _duif
    Black metal Skogen (Sweden) is not as good as electro-acoustic Skogen. I prefer Stilla, Dråpsnatt and Nasheim.
  • Avatar for Magal_
    I Döden is great!
  • Avatar for Vulfhart
    Is it just me or `Svitjod` sounds similar to something from Primordial?
  • Avatar for funeral_mmon
    great new album indeed ! you might be interested by Kråke ( ), it's equally good and moody
  • Avatar for metalkillthekin
    ''I Döden'' great album!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for NecroDoctor
    I Döden is amazing!
  • Avatar for GalacticKiller
    I döden är förbannat bra. Grymt jobbat grabbar.
  • Avatar for Elowson
    New album is great! =)
  • Avatar for RocknReel
    I Doden review:
  • Avatar for Close_Up
    what's up with that Vagner? :\\ [2]
  • Avatar for Philippo10
    Fantastic new album!
  • Avatar for barauswald
    The new stuff is fantastic.
  • Avatar for LadyElvina
    what's up with that Vagner? :\
  • Avatar for Matti81
    [url=]Griftenatt[/url] from the upcoming album "I Döden"...
  • Avatar for Skogsdotter1994
    Vittra is such an amazing album... <3
  • Avatar for metaltroll87
  • Avatar for Elowson
    amazing band! been listening a lot to Vittra the last weeks
  • Avatar for ZOObass
    сказал фанат метлы .лол.
  • Avatar for SirDeadlift
    Попса какая-то.
  • Avatar for True_Hamster
    Midnattens Glimrande Stillhet is the favourite*_*
  • Avatar for Kanabika
  • Avatar for abbathoccult
    Jest zajebiście dobry!
  • Avatar for Seev
    polski Skogen jest dobry ?
  • Avatar for nanoslug
    Svitjod is fucking good.
  • Avatar for AnomalneJavyshe
    Swedish Drudkh +1
  • Avatar for reinka0s
    very solid band, vittra is awesome.
  • Avatar for Primalband
    Congrats on new album!
  • Avatar for Mortum_est
    good stuff
  • Avatar for osmark
  • Avatar for SardonicScorn
    Swedish Skogen is fine.
  • Avatar for blass_Sandro
    Swedish Drudkh, but really good one, though.
  • Avatar for Mitchara
    The new album is quite good, but still failed to surpass the debut album
  • Avatar for amniocentesis
    I'd say *beyond* solid. Dynamic. Builds as it carries you along. Ends on a deathydoomy note. Outstanding imho and will end near the top for moi.
  • Avatar for VilliKettu
    Eld is incredibly solid.
  • Avatar for BlackMorticia
    great band, the new album is very very good.
  • Avatar for Darkpelos
    the new album is nothing really special. still Vittra is their best album.
  • Avatar for LadyElvina
    good new release, still i prefer Vittra so far...
  • Avatar for ZOObass
  • Avatar for Philippo10
    this band must be a little depressive genre as well.
  • Avatar for NorseDave
    Really great, Svitjod is amazing!!
  • Avatar for Zuranthus
    There are some seriously good tunes on "Svitjod".. And the production, ahh.. I can almost feel the scents of swamp moss, green-grey ponds and damp fir forests coming from the speakers..!
  • Avatar for llemurian
    Тот редкий случай, когда понравилось буквально с первого звука. Оба альбома.
  • Avatar for gorski_
    great atmosphere!!
  • Avatar for Hopkinator
    Love love love


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