• 2010.10.20 - Alaniaris @ The Music Gallery

    24 Oct 2010, 03:07 by FinSquandrago

    Busy week for non-concert stuff: found out that Rammellzee had died over the summer and I had somehow not noticed, touching off a bit of a Ramm/Death Comet Crew binge in the bowels of Casa Squandrago; got a replacement for a smashed-up Barry Adamson 12" in the mail (zero out of ten for Central Control's confirmation of the fact that they had received my e-mail in the first place, but full marks for getting another copy in the mail right away); screwed myself out of seeing Gary Numan this weekend by being too slow to get tickets while they still had them at Rotate... looks like it's going to be a well-attended show; the new Foetus disc showed up in the mail along with the recent Manorexia — love the music, but that's a wretched name — album on Tzadik and Thirlwell had apparently decided to sign everything in sight with his funky gold marker. WOOT? Sure, WOOT.

    Anyway, I decided to check out the new "Emergents" series at the Music Gallery this week. …