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Skinny Puppy

Grave Wisdom (3:45)


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  • I like to think the lyrics are test animals planning to take over after human extinction.
  • !
  • still so fresh industrial music! long life to Skinny Puppy, still the best!
  • Death grabs a stillborn child. Another low tech pesticide.
  • "Nightmare running races skyward, towers boil black water tea, contagious waste disposal growing." Undoubtedly my favorite Skinny Puppy track. My fondest memory of it was listening to it in the parking lot of a power plant with the volume cranked to max.
  • Haven't heard this in forever. Still love it.
  • So goooooooood.
  • this is the it, right here. not until they are dead
  • we are in very serious trouble.
  • skinny puppy r so far ahead .no one can even come close so stop trying.they sold there soul or somthing
  • Great song! I love it.
  • Have not heard this in ages, love it !!
  • great rhythms
  • again!!!!! damn great
  • Daylight meltdown
  • damn. that song wore me out. fucking awesome.
  • id firgot how bittersweet the sound of ohgrs voice.
  • Wow, nicely put StumpGRINDER67.
  • It just slithers between my organs and vibrates my cortex in the most pleasurable way.
  • Not a Big fan of Post "Industrial" sure have been a sucker for Skinny Puppy.
  • :-)))))))))))))))
  • insano msm !
  • apex
  • Simply incredible! One of SP's best songs, its rolling you over like a mudflow! Not too fast, but with immense power... I love it!
  • FACT!
  • Name 3 bands better than Skinny Puppy..........l......nope, can't do it!
  • my all time fav puppy track. love it
  • great
  • powerful as always
  • Splendiferous
  • not until they're dead! what? great song though
  • A frenzy song - 'kin awesome.

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