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Skara is a small town in Sweden. The small town is well known for its participation in the national contest Melodifestivalen, which is Swedens selection for which song to compete in The Eurovision Song Contest.

Tofu Jahnstedt, former inhabitant of Skara, got really tired of being associated with a kind of music he didn´t like. He formed a band together with Hilti Johanson, who is the brother of Skara´s biggest star ever Jay-Jay Johanson, to show a different side of city. They meet at the opening party for Skara newly started Music Factory.

After a few beers and a lot of talking they new how to move on with their ideas. The idea was to find someone from Skara with the ambition of becoming a star. The saw the Swedish movie Tjenare Kungen and saw a blonde boy who also sang lead vocals on Berlin Berlin with Happy Gigolos from the movie. They had found Carl-Johan Charles Lann who grew up in small village close to Skara. Tofu and Hilti got in contact with Charles and the band was formed.

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