• Top Twenty Albums of 2010 - Part One

    30 Nov 2010, 09:07 by Unwashed

    Top Twenty Albums of 2010 – Part One

    The first half of my rundown of the year’s best albums includes the year’s best and most welcome comeback, from Gil Scott Heron, the long-awaited official debut from a great favourite of my show, the inimitable Lord Numb, a couple of albums which, for the first time, my daughter Isabelle and I agreed on the merits of – from First Aid Kit and Sjofn – and the year’s best and most innovative ear-bleeder from the amazing Bashed Nursling.

    Elsewhere, I tentatively welcomed the crassly labelled ‘shoegazer’ revival, and albums here from Broken Water and Greece’s My Wet Calvin have found that tag rudely attached to the fine works they’ve put out this year. Two pigeons join us:the folky edge of Brooklyn’s incredibly prolific Pigeons and Canada’s Woodpigeon provided lilting pastoral lullabies with a post-industrial edge, and Woods continue to craft gorgeous melodic vignettes that can make grown men, and a fair few young ‘uns, weep.

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