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  • Anyone knows where can I order his new album?
  • Sjekk ut intervju med mr Höyem og omtale av Moon Landing på www.iconmusicmag.com =)
  • He did release music under this name. So 'Sivert Høyem' still is a correct artist name! Shouldnt be corrected i quess!
  • Listening to the new album with a big grin on my face. Thanks Sivert!
  • demais o novo álbum !!! *.*
  • http://www.last.fm/group/Sivert+H%C3%B8yem
  • you owe me 4309€
  • you are my animus ...
  • come @ greece in the summer :) please? :D
  • abartig? pf...
  • abartig...
  • He's as good as a solo artist than in Madrugada...
  • muito foda !!!
  • Uhh whatever Bastard1...
  • He's worse as a solo artist than in Madrugada...and that, ladies and gents, is indeed a masterful feat to accomplish.
  • tomorrow..
  • Vote for Sivert Høyem as the Citizen of Northern Norway 2007! Send an email to nordlending@nordlys.no with the name of your candidate. You could also send an SMS (nordlending (the name of your candidate)) to (+47) 2097.
  • went to his gig in Bodø. awsome
  • I agree that the voice of this man is godlike. :)
  • <3
  • Amen. Got his new album today, woooooooooooooo!
  • bge
    Agreed and amen.
  • As the sticker on his record says Sivert Høyem is a godlike singer.


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