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Sito Magus are a Japanese gothic band from 関東(Kantou) that started activities in 2004. On the 30.12.07, the released their first album,Grimorium Verum. After a few live shows, the single Sabatto/魔女の槌 was released just a year after.

In 2009, Sito Magus announced that after their performance on April 3rd at Takadanobaba AREA, guitarist Mio would leave the band for the sake of distancing himself from musical activities.
The band announced that they would go an an activity pause, but made it clear that they would not disband. A second reason for the hiatus was Nea's travel abroad for a year.

Sybila and Nea are resuming the band activities since the 12th March 2011. In his blog, singer Sybila told his readers about Fascism-Phantasm, a song – formerly only known through a live video - which was released digitally on 1st december. Also, he gave information about the new album, Malleus Maleficarum, which so far is known to have at least nine tracks.

Vocal: Sybila [ex-Valdo Creuz]
Bass: Nea (ex VENESIS)
Drums: Jun (Support Member)

Ex-member: Guitar: Mio (ex Sephiroth)



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