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SISTEM is a surprisingly unconventional percussion group from Romania. All the five of the band have studies of classical music and, acquired a wide experience in this domain, in time,. At the moment, they have a wide and highly original repertory, consisting of partitures for metal and plastic barrels in C minor, casks as well as for different parts of the human body. They also make use of bags( recycle ), coffee-cups ( wash and recycle) and lanterns to produce their music ( to see in the dark), all this building up a performance full of special effects that combine water effects (golden showers) with those based on fire or vulcano dust.

What made it possible for SISTEM to come into being was the fascination they had for the new ways of expression. In the beginning of music was one of kind minimal music, an original mixture of body music (they used parts of the human body instead of instruments - headbanging ) and rhythms played at different other objects. As for the history of the group, SISTEM was formed in November 2000, one rainy night.

There followed a long period of experiencing various styles and rhythms, but this period finally came to its end the moment the group adopted its present formula, which is actually unique in the whole world: five percussionists playing the casks -unconventional musical accessories- and using only a normal drum-set plus additives.
At present, the group consists of five members, all of them being professional percussionists: Robert MAGHETI, Florin ROMASCU, Claudiu PURCARIN, Ciprian ROGOJAN and Toth ZOLTAN. While the first one is still student at the Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca ( one of the most prestigous Academies in whole Europe), the other four have already graduated at the same academy.

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