• A few thoughts from Marillion at Manchester Academy

    15 Nov 2008, 18:02 by Hollow_Man

    14th November 2008

    Firstly we had a bit of a hiccup at the door as my employer decided to overlook forwarding my name by email to Manchester Academy and as a result our names weren't on the guest list as they should've been. Thankfully, after a quick phone call all was well and we were allowed in. Which means on Monday morning it'll be a quiet word with the colleague in question rather than the full castration. The majority of the money saved from the ticket was spent on an extra t-shirt and two pints of beer :)

    The gig itself: Sine Star Project were the support and although I enjoyed their set I couldn't tell you what they played and I decided against buying their CD. (I don't know if they were actually selling it at the merch desk as I didn't ask). I did buy it today as a download from Play Digital though.
    The band were given quite a rapturous reception for which H thanked us for later. I've paid some attention to the setlists of the weeks previous gigs. …