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There are four artists sharing the name Sindrome.
1: A thrash metal band from Chicago.
2: An electronic pop noire from France.
3: An ambient electronic act from Peru.
4: A rock/metal band featuring Daniel Cardoso from Portugal.

1 : Sindrome was a ripping thrash metal band from Chicago that formed around 1986. The relased the following two demos: ; Into the Halls Of Extermination' and 'Vault of Inner Conscience'. Both of these demos were released on a bootleg CD. Members later went on to join Laaz Rockit, Master, Deathstrike, Broken Hope, and Soil (among others).
Sindrome was said to have rejected smaller label offers in hopes of securing a major label deal, but it never came and they never progressed beyond the demo-band status.
Both demos are available for download at their official site.

2: Sindrome is a one-man band from France, fronted by Alex Sindrome. It's minimalist electronic new wave with french cynical and ironic lyrics. Sindrome released several albums which are available on http://alexsindrome.bandcamp.com/


4: SinDRomE, i.e. Severe Damage on Reason and Equilibrium, is a project conceived by Daniel Cardoso (Anathema, SiriuS). He later collaborated with Kristoffer Rygg (Ulver, Borknagar) and SinDRomE became Head Control System.

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