• "Throw Down Your Arms" rare tracks

    31 Jul 2007, 03:39 by jrtibbetts

    There are at least five different track configurations of this CD:
    1. The standard, 1-disc, 12-song release.
    2. The Japanese edition, which includes three bonus songs ("Move Out of Babylon," "Abendigo," and "Jah Can Count On I") tacked onto the end.
    3. The 2xCD European edition, manufactured in Germany. The second disc contains 13 tracks: a spoken track (Intro), followed by dub versions of the same 12 tracks on disc 1.
    4. The French limited-edition release, which packages the standard 1-disc release in a sleeve that also contains a bonus, dual-sided CD/DVD disc. The CD side contains the 13 dub version tracks, plus dub versions of the three bonus tracks that are also on the Japanese edition (however, the track Shedroc is instead listed as Abendigo). This edition was also sold in Poland, owing to Sinéad's rabid fan base there.
    5. A bizarre, but apparently official, DTS/DSD ("Direct Stream Digital") version put out by Universal in Japan. It's a 2-disc package. …