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Simone was born in May 31 1976 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Pretty early in school at the age of 14, she got to know and play in many different school bands, until the age of 16, when she dropped out of school and lived, wrote and sang in a French band in France. As daughter of a Belgian father, she had been always interested in many different countries and cultures, so in the same year she left France and went to live in Canada where she got in touch with the ‘overseas’- alternative stuff they were listening to over there in the 90’s and after a year of partying and growing up somewhere else, she returned to Germany to finish high school and start new projects, mostly live-music projects, naturally influenced by what she had been experiencing overseas.

It wasn’t much later that she began to get in touch with other forms of creating and using music as a medium to express herself as a singer and songwriter by performing live occasionally, mainly in clubs and through the influence of friends that were working as DJs or producers.

This way in 2003, Simone got in touch with the label Pesto and Jon Silva, they decided in the same year to work together and the first professional produced record could then be recorded in June, ‘Luv’. A month later Simone left for England to continue her studies in economics because she felt that a change was needed, mainly because she also got to know the other side of living and celebrating music at that time.

In 2005, she moved to Barcelone to write her Master Dissertation about the Marketing Communications of small independent music labels were she had been working together with ‘Movidisco’, a well-known music label in the city.
Professionally, they never got to work closer together as Simone always had been sure about where she musically wanted to go, and so after this inspiring time of learning about the music business from another perspective, Simone finally found the time to work again with Jon, with who she never lost contact, and so in October 2006 a new song had been recorded in Cologne by the two of them, and will be released soon.

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