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    If everybody has a song, which is especially their song, then THIS is CaterinaPlanina's <3
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    If everybody has a song, which is especially their song, then THIS is mine <3
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    This completely has the Bookends vibe...
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    clever little gem
  • Avatar for gdcman
    brilliant! (2)
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    This song is so short
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    This song means A LOT to me!!
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    great song!
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    This sounds kinda lounge jazzy.
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    I've seen some of Frank Lloyd Wright's custom houses, love the art deco style he had. Great tribute to him...
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    “Architects may come and architects may go, and never change your point of view. When I run dry, I’ll stop a while and think of you”
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    amazing fansong, amazing tune!
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    so long [2]
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    They should play this in the Guggenheim all day long !!
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    Reminds me a bit of "I will" by the Beatles.
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    Wright died April 9, 1959. Even when this was written, he'd been gone quite a while.
  • Avatar for RyanAlexanderB
    One of those drift away tunes. So pleasant.
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    Unbelievable song about friends parting ways and the memories. It is so emotional.
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    This song is a clear example of Paul Simon's brilliance. An intersting fact is also that Paul wrote this song to signal the end of his and Art's time together, and Art (probably unknowingly) sang "so long" to himself towards the end of the song. If you listen closely you can also hear Paul sing "so long Artie" close to the end.
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    обожаю эту песню...прекрасная флейта...очень умиротворяющая песня
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    this song is magic. which isn't even surprising, cause i find magic most of S&G's songs. but this particular one is so...i don't even know what word to use.
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    the real deal (as the hipsters say)
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    makes me wanna go to Rio
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    It reminds me to the beautifull days, when we were so young and the future was wide open.
  • Avatar for Apatura
    Nostalgia - memories of first stereo - and times gone by!
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    How sweet is this?
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    frank lloyd wright was the MAN of architecture...
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    so long
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    For some odd reason I get a picture of a summer evening in an Annie Hall kinda New York back in the 70s when i listen to this. I love the little the So long already Artie! bit near the end :)
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    Frank Lloyd Wright was a famous architect. Garfunkel once studied to be an architect because he thought his career as a musician would never pan out.
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    Love this. Listen closely near the end, during the repeated so long for Paul Simon saying way in the background, So long already, Artie.
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    NO Shouts? Well, it's beautiful.

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