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I always had a feeling New York would be my home. As a teen growing up in an Americanized Norway, I saw Gene Kelly on TV for the first time and woke up. I fell in love with him, the music, the sets, the dance, old Hollywood, New York, Broadway, America. I was obsessed with the fabulous old school American showbiz and I knew there was a sassy little brat inside me just dying to come out!

Salvador Dali is my invisible mentor. He lives in the hidden chambers of my mind and tells me to go for it when I feel I can't… And I do as he tells me. Always. He told me to start writing songs, to go to Sweden and live in the woods writing with other creative souls, to not piss my pants when the Swedes brought me across the Atlantic to write and not to go back if it all fell apart. He told me to stay and face the revolving realizations of myself. So I did.

After being the successful musical sous chef writing ditties for other artists - including 2 singles that went gold internationally and a lead track for Disney starlet HS Musical girl Vanessa Hudgens - I am now the head chef with my own main dish, an album called "Peel Away."
It's an organic soulful stew of old and new SiLyAsongs marinating in the inspirations of Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Bjork, Edith Piaf, Mike Patton, etc. The dish is served by an army of flapperinas led by Mae West which gives it a dash of sultry sophistication… there you go: SiLyAmusic!

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