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Silversun Pickups

Lazy Eye (DJ Lynnwood Remix Edit) (4:39)


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  • Lazy remix
  • I like the remix. a song of its own
  • *shakes meh head and walks away*
  • Fail +1
  • u.u why...?
  • WTF?! o.O I'm just SHOCKED! How can anybody do something like THAT to such a song?! ;_;
  • why did you F up such a great song?!
  • i dont enjoy this
  • wow, this is a boring, generic remix that doesn't do the song justice.
  • sucks
  • gabriel & dresden use this track :O
  • jason bentlys is better anything with silversun pickups is good. even if its a bad remix i love that band so much.
  • amazing thats what that is
  • From what I'm reading I guess I'll have to listen to the original first.
  • This does suck, but if you can find it check out the Jason Bentley remix. It's closer to the original.
  • yeahh..it's pretty bad. :/
  • What's odd is that this is definitely not on the Remixes EP. And thank goodness.
  • jason bentley's remix is better
  • Es lo más... amé este tema y su video...
  • I'm not too sure about the techno remix. Love the song done the original way.
  • what about the one without the remix...?
  • Were this an original electronica song, it would actually be pretty good. But whether or not it does justice to the original, I think, is just a matter of personal taste. My personal opinion is that it doesn't particularly improve on the song. I love it when I hear a remix of an already favorite song and think Wow, this totally takes it to another level. This remix, however, fails to do that.
  • wth?
  • DJ Lynnwood? More like DJ Retardwood. This generic paint-by-numbers remix fucking sucks mookshit.
  • hmm i wouldn't say it sucks.....but i definitely like the original much better
  • This song is annoying.
  • Wow. I usually love remixes, but this one destroys everything that is beautiful in the original. Boo.
  • Didn't care for it at first, but it kinda grows on ya'. Yep, me likes it!
  • eh...I don't know about this one...
  • Excellent remix!
  • Excellent remix!
  • leave it alone... gaddamnit!!
  • this sucked...period.
  • Is this an official remix? Can I buy it somewhere?
  • Wow, this is fucking terrible
  • this is actually i really good remix, i love electro remixes
  • LOL
  • ew.remix gone bad. purrreee shiizzziness
  • masooooo!
  • baaaaaaad
  • I agree..totally shit!..only good thing is singing..which is original..I really didn't get this attempt..
  • totally ruined.
  • liked it...

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