• I admit it; I was wrong about the Silversun Pickups.

    7 Feb 2010, 03:04 by Spacirelei

    So for the past few years I have had some serious misconceptions about this band. It is one of the times where I thought they were some sort of L.A. Sell-out; so I didn't truly give the band a proper listen because I've been burned so much over-hyped artists on distinguished music websites, let alone mainstream praise. I think I was jaded by seeing they were a success over night. I remember wanting to see them play live at club in Akron Ohio, and then three months later, the song Lazy Eye was on constant play over on the Alternative Radio Stations.

    But last year I changed my mind after Listening to their previous Ep Pikul. It starts of strong with Kissing Families, and Comeback Kid. Dips down a little bit after that. But I'm still seeing a great deal of creativity overall. Love Nikki's vocals on Creation Lake. Nice Space-rocky sound on ...All The Go Inbetweens. Cool slumber ending on "untitled".

    For an EP its pretty fat. …
  • Favorite Albums - Top 30

    26 Nov 2008, 02:54 by Trossles

    More than just my favorite artists and songs. I like these albums because I can enjoy usually 100% of it.

    1. Illinois -Sufjan Stevens

    I am in awe of him every time I hear any of his music. But this album in particular is amazing. I love the state concept albums he's done, and this did so much more to improve on the already awesome Michigan concept album. From the soft, beautiful "Concerning the UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois," the aching "John Wayne Gacy Jr.," the flawless "Come on Feel the Illinoise," bouncy "The Tallest Man, the Broadest Shoulders," and the most popular (for a reason) "Chicago," it's nothing but perfection. Even the lyricless tracks offer catchy melodies and beats. It's really a perfect album, in my opinion.

    2. Y's - Joanna Newsom

    I was introduced to Joanna Newsom about a year ago. I mostly listened to Milk-Eyed Mender first, but I've grown to enjoy this album even more. …
  • LOLLA. PALOOZA. day one.

    8 Aug 2007, 23:09 by DarthStench

    It was august third. I'll cut to the chase.

    Illinois was very cool. I'd had a couple songs before seeing them, but didn't know them well enough for anything but a general good impression of the band. We missed the beginning of the set, but came in during something kind of epic loud. As the set went on it got more and more Pavement-ey and Beck-ey, which was cool. Then the one guy whipped out a banjo, and I was a fan.

    I didn't really know any songs at the time, but in retrospect they definitely played Nosebleed and a song about not going to work. and slipping on ice. They were swell.

    Chin Up Chin Up was cool, we saw the first few songs of their set. The music reminded me a bit of the National, but the vocals were kindof a turnoff for me. I'll checkout the recorded stuff to compare.

    Ted Leo and the Pharmacists were really really ridiculously good. I only knew The Sons Of Cain and Me and Mia, both of which were played. Noteworthy was Ted's epic trip during Cain. oh hey, the setlist according to the lolla website: