• Favourites of 2012

    1 Jan 2013, 00:17 by opiatedsherpa

    This year was a pretty good year for music, as I managed to pick up quite of bit of content that came from 2012. 130 different artists were sampled from in various albums, singles and compilations and I enjoyed quite a good portion of the music.

    There was quite a bit of highly anticipated tunes this year and a lot of those albums didn't disappoint.

    I would have to say though, my favourite album of 2012 came right out of left field, as My Head Is an Animal by Of Monsters and Men did the business this year. It touched all the right nerves and I managed to give it 537 track listens in the year after somewhat of a slow start. There are more than its fair share of great tunes on the album and it was really great to listen to on different occasions.

    Other very notable albums this year were Celebration Rock by Japandroids, which rocked hard, Blunderbuss by Jack White, which had tons of plays as well, Visions by Grimes, which hypnotized me more often than I would care to mention, An Awesome Wave by alt-J…
  • Silversun Pickups – Neck of the Woods (The Revenge of Weird Alternarock)

    7 Jun 2012, 09:48 by jerkjones

    Once again, this is some jerk on the internet, judging you and haphazardly throwing sentence fragments and parentheses around like fish in Seattle and former Yugoslav republics voting for each other on Eurovision (the only real winner of that shit was the Slovakian presenter chick). I lied about what was coming next…I got tired of reviewing metal-ish or symphonic-ish shit. I’m not sorry. Some people asked for this…if they didn’t specifically ask for this. That made sense in my head, I swear.

    For the record, trying to sleep <15 minutes after listening to Shitload of Money is impossible. It’s like fighting a bear…oh right I’m talking about Sonata Arctica…it’s like fighting a rabid wolf before trying to sleep; it’s JUST NOT FUCKING HAPPENING. So, I guess I’ll write an official review for Neck Of The Woods, an album that most of you jerks who frequent this god-forsaken corner of the internet have probably never heard of. WELL GUESS WHAT, YOU FUCKING WILL NOW. Unless you skip the rest, it’s not like I can stop you, anyway. …