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  • > DuVtrell: "This is tied for me as the best Ep any band has put out. The other being AiC "Jar Of Flies" <-- that comment made me fall in love with Pikul. You can't compare an EP with Jar of Flies if it isn't very good. It's a sin... so you're comment is valid pal
  • Far and away their best. Carnavas is also great, but it doesn't even compare to this.
  • Great EP.
  • @ seguxdrebkoi Perhaps your correct as to todays mainstream . But I definitely know older stuff ,and this band is not comparable to that stuff . I do know that most alternative has gone mainstream or as I call it pop . That stuff all sounds the same these days .Then you have Lots of Grunge bands cloning themselves after Tool which at one time was anything but mainstream . So No I am not up with the last decade or so of mainstream music . But I have a huge appetite for shoegaze and dreampop music and this band fits that appetite quite well .
  • Oldschool, you've contradicted yourself by saying that you aren't in touch with the mainstream so you do not know whether or not their sound is mainstream. Also, you personally not having a problem with being mainstream doesn't mean anything and isn't constructive. I'm still waiting for all of the blank tracks to be put into this page.
  • @ youngroe You have contradicted yourself . They are good . And success has come . Also since I barely listen to the radio anymore I don't have a problem with things like overplay , And they don't sound all that mainstream to me . And even if they were they just classed it up and made it worth listening to.
  • This is so fucking good
  • this is a little more aggresive and subtle than their albums
  • This EP is bitchin'!
  • i think i saw them tour on this album about 5 times before Carnavas came out.... so good!
  • I wish they would do more of this album live, when I saw them all they did was Creation Lake and Kissing Families.....
  • Very good release.
  • highlights in this album: creation lake, comeback kid, kissing families
  • My favorite SSPU release.
  • ○booksmartdevil○
  • This page doesn't show the blank tracks on Pikul.
  • booksmart devil is where its at.
  • shitty tags...
  • really good, but not better than carnavas
  • very good i like the song kissing families alot

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