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Israel's Son (5:18)


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  • This is the perfect song for feeling absolute hate towards someone else c:
  • Really strong song!
  • One of their fineest!
  • Put your hands in the air..
  • my pain can not heal
  • babies
  • banda do grunge muito boa
  • sweet
  • Only song off this album they still play isn't it? .. Yes.
  • dat bass.
  • badass
  • they remind me of nirvana
  • amazing
  • you're late for the execution, if you're not here soon i'll kill your friend instead
  • used on the soundtrack to the western version of Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie
  • Epic Intro!!
  • grunge needs a come back.
  • been thrashing frog stomp again, fuckn epic album...
  • Pain and execution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Great song
  • i remember my dad blasting this song so loud the house shook.
  • my band
  • the riff sounds a littlebit like Soundgarden's cover of Come Together. :D
  • My favorite Silverchair song!
  • I have heard this song before in 2001 on the Frogstomp CD
  • badass tune
  • My favorite Silverchair song
  • 1995.. it was a good year..
  • Always liked this song. \m/
  • this just makes me smile every time i hear it, brings me back to dirty small rock/metal clubs in town and just going for it, dippydapps sums it up in one! AWESOME
  • Awesome sound
  • Have loved this song for a long time.
  • pearljam may have been 1st,but these guys are better hands down. they didnt get weird till after neon ballroom.every album befor that rocked!!!!!
  • I really love this song. Australia has some great talent.
  • Leider haben Silverchair in den letzten Jahren nur BULLSHIT produziert!
  • reminds me of pearl jam
  • This guy was 16 when he sang this! Now 16-year-olds sing like....well....Justin Bieber.........hehe....."sing"....
  • ...and wave em like you just don't care
  • Love the last 5:15 of this track.
  • This is the best Silverchair song!
  • Love the bassline
  • The ULTIMATE, I am PISSED OFF AT THE WORLD SONG !!!!! Haven`t found anything better ...yet at least.
  • This song still rocks after all these years.
  • Grunge motherflippers!
  • Put your hands in the air!!
  • Bomb ass shit.
  • grunge motherflippers!
  • I'm always amazed that these boys were 15 when they recorded this album. Truly a classic record from that era.
  • First heard this track on the Street Fighter II animated movie. Loved the movie and soundtrack :)
  • Favorite song on this album. Silverchair never took off mainstream after this album like they should have.


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