• Gothic Industrial Madonna

    18 Jun 2007, 23:25 by j-sin

    Yes, yes, I know... many of my friends slag me off for liking Madonna. I blame my gay gene and/or having grown up in the 80s. Lucky Star is the first video I can remember seeing on MTV.

    Anyway, if you are a closet-Madonna fan (not that really allows you to be a closet fan of anything) and are into things more -industrial, I have a treat for you. (These were actually released years ago but I've only just re-discovered them.)

    It's Virgin Voices, a compilation by goth-ish label Cleopatra Records that features loads of great // groups. The covers are mostly great and by alot of groups you wouldn't expect to be paying homage to Madge.

    Personally, the standout tracks are the ones by The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black (one of my favourite and most underrated New York bands), Bigod20, Rosetta Stone and KMFDM. There's a few disco-diva-ish ones that don't quite fit (Loleatta Holloway on a goth compilation?!) but, I guess that's the nature of compilations.