• last.fm play milestones (results version)

    3 Dec 2008, 15:16 by luckysalmon

    #20000: All My Life
    "life expectancy" is one of those wikipedia pages that can send you off clicking on links for ages & you'll learn more science than you did in 3 months at school. & hey, deathclock.com is still there.
    #21000: Hummingbird Song
    for a lot of reasons, not all of them to do with a girl i once knew, it's good that the whole of Coupland's Generation X is on scribd.com.
    #22000: Sundays
    we were going to go see them with Ben Folds. wah.
    #23000: Paid My Money
    we were going to see him with Counting Crows. wah.
    #24000: Tarantula
    this is around the time i gave up on wanting a pet. unrelated. i like sleep too much to acquire a dependent of any species. i will admit to a last glimmering of wishwish for a turtle.
    #25000: 1000BPM
    would be just too fast.
    #26000: Passing Stranger
    sometimes i think i should go and see singer-songwriters at their gigs, because they do make me happy & i definitely don't throw enough money at the arts. & then i remember i hate getting the train back late at night. …