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Silver Jews

People (4:43)


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  • People be careful not to crest too soon.
  • any body know any of words the music so white can't see what the lips can't freeze move both hands fast over wounded knee surprise!
  • My favorite Silver Jews song!
  • wtf r u doin, pink
  • 5 stars
  • this song is my psychiatrist
  • Malkmus is my hero
  • there's something about this song that just brings out so much positivity.
  • not that the rest ain't ace as well.
  • the first 20 seconds, oh my god.
  • can't think of many better songs right now. be careful not to crest too soon!
  • summer song
  • oh now I know where Suburban Kids With Biblical Names got their name from...
  • People ask people to watch their scotch. People send people up to the moon. When they return, well there isn't much. People be careful not to crest too soon.
  • i miss pavement
  • and is it that noteworthy to say you hear pavement in this?!?! love yall
  • i hate to say it but when malkmus drops in on this song i get giddy
  • come on baby, don't stay insi-ide
  • lyrics <3
  • do I still here some Pavement influences in this song?
  • good walking music...yeah rhythms
  • Sounds like pavement cant be bad
  • such beauty
  • <3 i see you gracefully swimmin with the country club women lol guess i've listened to american water one too many times
  • watch my scotch...
  • If I didn't know any better, I'd swear this was Pavement.
  • the end chords are the best :-)
  • hard to pick a favorite s.j. song, but this is a strong contender.
  • mmmmmmmmm
  • Es buena.
  • I didn't even realize malkmus was on this song until I started listening to pavement and then re-listened to this song.
  • The line "It's sunny and 75, it feels so good to be alive" always makes me happy. Great song.
  • The soundtrack to all blissfully awesome moments in life.
  • I don't see why not, youburymeinblk
  • love the joos
  • quelqu'un comprend l'hébreu?
  • а что я один русскогоговорящий,кому нравится подобная музыка?
  • lovely
  • can i just smoke a nice joint and listen to this song.
  • tsjukk tsjukk tsjatsja
  • top tune
  • <3
  • Very nice.
  • this song is the fucking tits. arguably the best summer day track ever
  • This song is relax.

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