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  • Avatar for KeithJones
    RIP, Andrew Michael "Andy" Stewart (8 September 1952 – 27 December 2015), formerly the frontman for Silly Wizard
  • Avatar for ZuKkan "In the last four years Andy M's health has deteriorated to the extent that he has gradually lost his business and livelihood. Through a series of medical misadventures, and in September 2012 a failed spinal surgery, he has lost all mobility and was paralysed from the chest down with many other medical complications. Last September he had emergency surgery which he was not expected to survive, but he's a fighter and his spirit won through. He is now still recovering in hospital where he will remain for quite some time to come."
  • Avatar for FTGOS
    Господи, десятьиздесяти...
  • Avatar for bearswings
  • Avatar for backstage-queen
    thats my "spirit up" music :) <3
  • Avatar for maskedmoon
    Tends to put me in good mood. Love the voice too and the accent.
  • Avatar for timmotjo17
    Listening to this makes me feel very peaceful and tranquil. I love it.
  • Avatar for shruikan966
    Great band. The voice of the vocalist is so nice.
  • Avatar for Bush-Doctor
    The Twa Brothers makes me cry everytime
  • Avatar for SwordOfPerun
  • Avatar for majo334
    excellent band, So Many Partings and Caledonias Hardy Sons are my favorites.
  • Avatar for herkyjerky
    perfect balance and integrity in timbre, harmony, melody, vocals... such a treasure!
  • Avatar for Diogham
    This is probably the coolest name for a band evar!
  • Avatar for cgmatt
    One of the groups I was weaned on. Always will have a special place in my heart.
  • Avatar for MatthewBouchard
    Fantastic band *-*
  • Avatar for ravschmidt-sas
    nothin' changes - i will love 'em for ages!
  • Avatar for ScoopTheBark
    Fhear A' Bhàta Na Horo Ail'e...
  • Avatar for enriquetabique
    Hi, I recommend that you check out the An Danzza band (quality neo-folk/medieval/celtic) If you liked An Danzza's music, please add the band to your library. Please also note that the the band's music is available for free download. Thank you!
  • Avatar for nimbora_nava
    Fhear A Bhata ((((((((((
  • Avatar for ZellVard
    delightful :)
  • Avatar for zeitenlicht
    Прекраснейшая музыка! И вокал очень красивый, мягкий..
  • Avatar for ravschmidt-sas
    their folk is fantastic and really beautiful!!!
  • Avatar for art___
    The Queen of Argyll made my day ( ;
  • Avatar for cpt_j_sp
    it's the music from the very heart of England..absolutely amazing!
  • Avatar for Chadaya
    Great band. Them and The Pogues are the only folky-celtic bands I understand and love.
  • Avatar for nimbora_nava
    great, vocals are simply breathtaking? music so FULL
  • Avatar for shounen_yuki
    very good stuff ^^
  • Avatar for ooMaz3Roo
    [url=]Medieval Fantasy[/url] is a group for those who like fantasy fiction, art, music and games.
  • Avatar for Forlornson
    Best folk band I've ever heard. It's a shame I didn't knew them earlier :o
  • Avatar for tudupka
    weeping with tears of joy every time I listen to them
  • Avatar for emceelynx
    one of my favorite bands from my childhood
  • Avatar for ZahrahSelima
    wow u guys i was looking for lunasa and i found shit i love it <33
  • Avatar for WhiteWitch13
    Классная музыка!!!Классная энергия!!!!
  • Avatar for owentheyo
    I am fully in love with this group. :)
  • Avatar for hame1888
  • Avatar for Borrias
    I just discovered this music, and I love it! It's got so much feeling in it, it's beautiful.
  • Avatar for WeaveMcQuilt
    Agreed, carlsdog! As a young lad growing up in Scotland, my Pa and Uncle used to play this to me all the time. Queen of Argyll is a beautiful track. I just got hold of 'Kiss The Tears Away' after a good 20 years of missing them.
  • Avatar for carlsdog
    i memorized 'queen of argyll' as a kid, sang it everywhere, much to the chagrin of many ;)
  • Avatar for Boblox
    It-s an amazing band because...because..because it has HEART
  • Avatar for Kilkenney
    How is it better to say about them... Just a very calm and touching music. Silly Wizard is wonderful.

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