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Comprised of ten midgets standing on each others shoulders to create a 5 piece band - Silence The Wake - was born on a slightly cloudy day with a more than fair chance of rain. While the song lyrics are quite cryptic at times it is a fairly wide known fact that most of the lyrics where culled by the singer pointing at random words in newspaper articles. When a lyric was disputed the 10 members of the band would lock themselves in a $12 a night hotel room in beautiful Flint MI and play rock, paper, scissors until a singular lyric was declared the winner. Often times a robot would play bass for them in concert. Silence The Wake often had a very prominent message in their live shows of the rites of Whales and the need to save them. The band was a vessel for singer Berry Beebe to sow his wild oats and conceive over 12 (confirmed, possibly more) sons and daughters around the greater north east. Guitarist Aaron Bowers was generally acknowledge to be the tallest person in the band- and also the member with the neetest hair. Guitarist Curtis Goulash was renowned for his tight pants and sweet hooks- he was also tied with Aaron for best smelling member. Bassist Nick Mayberry often times phoned in his live show performances- occasionally he would rent a robot to play bass for him- Nick was also known for generally not liking the crowd. Drummer Eric Corbin displayed a undeniable mastery of the Drums and rippling biceps- and was highly regarded as irreplaceable- a notion that held true until he was replaced by new drummer Jeff Buckley. Jeff was considered a sub-par replacement to Eric drum wise- but his never give up attitude and excellent hair allowed him to endear himself to longtime fans. In 2006 during a game of Dungeons and Dragons an argument over a saving throw would ultimately lead to the breaking up of the band. Interestingly enough bassist Nick Mayberry didn't care as he was playing in another band, Downers.

FUN FACT: The total number of words in all of Silence the Wakes songs add up to 1981- the birth year of Berry

FUN FACT: The lyrics "WHAT HAVE I DONE" were inspired by spilled glass of milk at a Coney Island.

FUN FACT: Silence The Wake liked to confuse fans by releasing Albums of songs they no longer played

Correction: Berry Beebe is actually composed of 2 leprechans with severe dwarfism, not conjoined midgets like the rest of the band.

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