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It doesn't have any other official name than ( ), so the name of this album can be pronounced in several ways. The members of Sigur Rós usually refer to it in Icelandic as "Svigaplatan" ("The Bracket Album"). In the credits of the movie "Heima" it is referred to as "The Untitled Album". Fans have referred to it as "Parentheses" or "Brackets".

This album's vocals are recorded in "Vonlenska" ("Hopelandic"), which consists of meaningless syllables and resembles scat singing. The "language" is… read more



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  • this album kills me D:
  • Too bad that after great 4 tracks next ones are disappointing, and only the last track picks up the greatness - and how it picks up! The best Sigur track is the 8th untitled one. Though said - Ágætis >>> this, where each track is a masterpiece.
  • album doesn't scrobble when listening over iTunes. It's good tho
  • After the 10th-ish time listening to this, I realized how fucking surreal this album is. Every song paints you a different surreal picture. The dark songs are goddamn abstract and definitely deserve more credit
  • absolute pinnacle of human expression <3
  • No! It's Kim Carlson from lifelover ()!
  • I know this is shameless self-promotion, but if you guys enjoy this album like I have for years, you might like my own self-released album. It's a collection of ambient tracks, but it's hugely inspired by Sigur Rós, Riceboy Sleeps, Brian Eno, etc. so if you're into any of those fine names you might like this!! You can find it at
  • IMO () is their best work. Such a depressingly beautiful work of art.
  • I could never see Sigur Ros writing and recording this without Kjartan.

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