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Rodrigo (Drums), he got together with some musicians from the local scene, with the idea to create the first Melodic Death Metal band in Costa Rica, but for different reasons, the project never saw the light and he left quickly. Then Rods friend Eduardo fILTHY (Vocals) was looking for musicians to form a Melodic Death Metal band too, so he decided to ask Rod if he was interested in joining forces and experiences with him. After a few days, they realized that the chemistry and goals between both were going to work out just fine.

Eduardo started looking for the rest of the members and after a month, Roberth (Guitar), wanted to audition; he showed good attitude and a style that fit what the band was looking for. The 3 piece started working really hard, and a few months later, they had approximately 6 songs, tunes that would help a lot in the near future, in order to test the two still free positions (bass + guitar) that the band was missing at that present time.
Max (Guitar) and Diego (Bass) completed the band and in January 2005, SIGHT OF EMPTINESS was a reality. Now with a full lineup, old songs were improved and the new members began to add their style in the band's new coming tunes.

The live debut for the band took place, April 17th 2005, good memories and excellent reviews by the media and metalheads; filled the group with positive energy.

Something big was coming in the bands agenda, having just one Gig under their belt; they were picked to support the act of the Kings of Melodic Death Metal: -DARK TRANQUILLITY- (Sweden). Since D.T. is one of the major influences in the band and having as well the BIG responsibility to honor and represent our country, the band took this challenge so seriously; the result: June 15th 2005: was an "Unforgettable" date for the band and for Costa Rican Metal Scene.

Changes in the lineup sadly happened, and Max left the band to fully concentrate in his other band. Later, Freddy Chu, an old friend of the guys; who liked our music, became the new guitar player (August 2005).
2007 will see, SIGHT OF EMPTINESS debut album: ¦§¦ Trust is a Disease ¦§¦


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