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There are 2 or more bands under the name Sideshow:

1) Sideshow was the band of Caulfield founder Bernie McGinn. Originally the band had went under the name of Peer Puppet in the late eighties but decidedly changed right around the release of their first 7 inch. That 7 inch is initially what started Caulfield Records. On top of being the band responsible for the label, they were also a pretty fine sounding one as well. Along with fellow members Paul Tisdale (drums) and Rich Higgins (guitar), Sideshow would release three full-length albums during their time together and a couple 7 inches. Their first couple albums, Self-Titled and Sunspots and Eggplants were both released on Caulfield, however during the labels heyday it became hard for McGinn to find room for his own band on the roster so they put out their third and final record Lip Read Confusion on the Flydaddy label. The label never really fit the band as they would sort of go in a different direction in terms of signing similar music to be featured on it, which kind of screwed Sideshow in the end probably.

Sideshow made a name for their selves in the Lincoln, Nebraska music scene. While they probably still go largely forgotten in most circles, they really had more to do with the whole Midwestern emo/rock thing than probably most bands out there. I mean considering the singer only operated one of the most important labels to the genre. However, I think that kind of overshadowed the bands musical contributions which is too bad because Sideshow honestly were cranking out some of the best music the genre ever had to offer in the early to mid nineties.

2) Sideshow is a seven-piece progressive experimental rock band from Cranston, Rhode Island. Combining the standard rock instruments with unconventional instruments (cello, saxophone, trombone), they create a unique sound that is often described as "epic". They have shared the stage with such acts as Kiss, The Plain White Ts, The Honorary Title, Theory of a Deadman, etc. The band started in 2005 with four founding members (guitarist Richard Farrands is the only original member left in the band). Their then-heavy metal sound had a mixed reception, and the lyrics progressively got darker as more songs got written. In 2007, the band parted with founding member and drummer Mike Bizzaco and recruited old friend and supporter Matt Nerney to fill the spot. After more members were brought into the fold, the songs began to have more depth, meaning, and impact. They are known for energetic and entertaining live shows, as well as lengthy songs, both recorded and live.
Sideshow is Mike Higginbotham, Richard Farrands, Matt Nerney, Gabe Corporan, Nate Stiener, Allegra Marra, and Chris Penta.

3) Fin Greenall would describe himself as the engine of Sideshow, backed up by the band he has been touring with as legendary London label Ninja Tune’s first and foremost singer-songwriter, Fink. During the bands downtime in between touring Europe and the USA, and writing his critically acclaimed soul-blues-dub, they came together in his 7Dials studio in Brighton to bring us some more trademark dub infused goodness.

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