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Sick Puppies

My World (3:58)


  • Welcome to mah world!
  • great song
  • awesome,
  • love it
  • Awesome song!
  • And the choice I wish I'd made I always make too late.. love this song
  • welcome to my world....
  • I love you emma soo hot !
  • Amazing band. If you ever get a chance to see them live, GO!!! Best live show I have ever seen.
  • cool:D
  • i sincerely like this song it reminds me of me i think i will get more into this band
  • show
  • My life put into words! Welcome to My World
  • this song IS my world !!!
  • Amazing!!
  • Bummer this is censored, great song otherwise.
  • Maudlin bullshit.
  • love this song....
  • great song love their lyrics
  • Great Live Band!!
  • <3
  • Love this band..they were fantastic when I saw them live. :]
  • its amazing only 3 members and still can kick ass.........beautiful
  • This is great
  • I REALLY love this song. i like it better than "You're Going Down".
  • STUPID ASS CENSORS. Ruining the meaning of this amazing song.
  • <3
  • love this song
  • Welcome to my world, where everyone I ever need always ends up leaving me alone. ♥
  • This song rocks!!! "KICKING. SCREAMING. Welcome to my world..."
  • Welcome BABY!
  • hell yaaa
  • welcome to my world...awesome!!! I just didn't get the music video
  • and im drowning in the ashessss. kicking. screaming.
  • amazing. pretty much explains MY world.
  • sick shit =P luv it
  • awesome !! O_o
  • edited... -_- well whatever.
  • Great song^^
  • this is THE SONG!
  • sick puppies is simply amazing.
  • awesome band, great song!
  • First song I ever heard by them
  • A great song by a great band <3
  • most amazing band ... they put on the most kick a** performance I've ever seen <3
  • cool.. a girl playing the bass, should happen more often!
  • very very good
  • awesome !!!3
  • great!
  • Welcome to my world....where everyone I ever need, always ends up leaving me alone, Another lesson learned and I'm drowning in the ashes, kicking...screaming, Love this song,


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