• Track By Track Analysis Review of Sick Animation's "Ultimate Party Collection part…

    20 Apr 2009, 17:57 by nebuchadnezz4r

    In 2007 a young man by the name of Marc M who grew up in upstate Harlem with a hard life and was ready to break boundaries in a congested and teetering hip hop music scene. He wished to fulfill audiences needs for a serious, and heart felt album that talks about things every young man faces, hip hop artist or not. Some of these concepts include High School, Dating, Sexual Relationships, even the hardships of being a punk and riding your skateboard after school. With an album of this amazing scope I can only hope to do this album justice by doing a track by track analysis of Sick Animation's Ultimate Party Collection Ch 1.

    1. I Like Nerds- In the opening track Marc M expresses his overwhelming love of everyone of every creed, or clique with his song dedicated to the hard working student, with possible sexual undertones that are mild but overall engrossing for the track.

    2. I Ain't Scared- Marc M growing up in a hard Harlem neighborhood could be anything but scared and he…
  • Marc M. is a genius

    9 Nov 2006, 23:27 by moperyx

    Anyone who can make people laugh their asses off while insulting them without the person even knowing it is truly gifted. Magically gifted, like pixie shit or some shit, you smell me?