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You Have Been Loved (4:23)


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  • The emotion she carries in her voice is....ah, I'm speachless... :-( [2]
  • Incredibly beautiful song. The emotion she carries in her voice is....ah, I'm speachless... :-(
  • That voice
  • ":":":":":":":":":":":Pure Love{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}
  • i love this, it almost makes me want to cry.
  • Raw emotion here...sounds like her voice is on verge of breaking.
  • Love this song, but I dislike her "plastic-songs"
  • love Sia
  • Sia, outstanding
  • only sadness remains, and it will pass.
  • You have been loved, by someone good. ♥
  • <3
  • Beautiful, beautiful ^_^
  • Mind blowin'. Incredible voice. Superb phrasing. I/m wowed! Vin Smith, The Midnight Bookworm
  • you really do break my heart dear song. sia is amazing.
  • Great song...tears and all.
  • Amazing song, looking forward to seeing you at the Roundhouse in May. Zero 7 last year was so not right without you.
  • Sia breaks my heart!
  • warning! DO NOT listen to this if you have a broken heart!!
  • did she write this? It is really great.. I feel like I have heard something similiar to it before ... Carly Simon?
  • Nice!
  • so beautiful
  • love it!!
  • sweet<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • No way, I'm giving it a heart.
  • Beauty.
  • truly a beautiful voice. n.n
  • nice...
  • nice song and a sexy voice
  • one of my favorite songs.
  • Beautiful.
  • Whether or not you feel the same as the lyrics she is singing, you can feel all the emotions of the world intertwined in her voice and the words as she sings "you have been loved by somebody good." I love this song.
  • ~~~ wonderful ~~~
  • "You've been loved by somebody good..." I've done it for a long, long, long time.. I think I'm done now.
  • Die Stimme gibts nicht noch mal!
  • wonderful!
  • Incredible song. A whole range of emotions packed in her voice.
  • this song sends shives down my spine. so amazing.
  • love the way she sings!!!!
  • Wow, this is particulary well done!
  • sensationell
  • beautiful.
  • =)
  • joy, sadness, hope all in one neat tune
  • love her xxxxxxx
  • amazing! makes me shiver *_*
  • it builds and grows slowly....such a great track...lovely voice
  • beautiful <3


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