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  • PwntatoChip


    November 2012
  • paulybeast

    awesome as usual

    October 2012
  • starfloka


    May 2012
  • chrissfin


    December 2011
  • birkikuc

    This song was written for dancing

    August 2011
  • overdramaticc

    so good

    June 2011
  • vaughnvhalen

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You know these words you say Are causing us to cave You feel I am withdrawing I am running away You're pushing You're pushing me You're hurting me now You take me down You don't even know it You think it's a joke But baby you don't You don't even notice~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    May 2011
  • wavescrashing

    Yeah, but it needs more cowbell.

    April 2011
  • dexcess

    i live for the bells in this song

    January 2011
  • JosieEllen

    love this song :)

    November 2010
  • URAQT_hott

    I was with my friends walking around the mall, walked into an Aeropostale store and I heard this song, I liked the tune of it, and put a memo on my phone with some of the lyrics I heard, turned out to be this song and I re-listened to it and started falling in love with it.

    October 2010
  • Guiguilap

    You, you say I talk too much...

    August 2010
  • oMANOo

    and you don't even know it

    July 2010
  • mrsean20


    July 2010
  • mecbirdhouse


    June 2010
  • igottrouble

    you, you don’t like my hair, you don’t like what i wear, i’m trying, trying… you see i’m trying

    June 2010
  • oMANOo

    Wow I fucking love this girl xD

    June 2010
  • candt

    beautiful <3 she has the most amazing voice in the world!

    June 2010
  • IhaveSeenItAll

    "you hurting me now, you take me down" so bittersweet song *.*

    June 2010
  • igottrouble

    oh, cute song.

    June 2010
  • outre21


    June 2010
  • Fiercuhhhhh

    This rings so sweet in my ears

    June 2010
  • TheDressingRoom

    Oh. My. God. <3333333333.

    June 2010