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  • Avatar for arielJasmine
    i've been running away ...
  • Avatar for sunwards
    I can't believe I like this so much :)
  • Avatar for maya1980
    Me too Tyyler.. "I've been searching all my life..I ran away, I ran away from good.......You're not a day, you're not a day too soon.."
  • Avatar for Choke_Sermon
    i love her
  • Avatar for danidepani
    great music, great vice!
  • Avatar for r0wiee
  • Avatar for ZJ345
    Fantastic song.
  • Avatar for belfagor60
    Absolutely lov this one !! :D
  • Avatar for IRIS__00x
    chill (:
  • Avatar for kristeng02
    I love her voice!!!
  • Avatar for BrocksAllGenres
    just lovely...what a range, her voice is great theatre, so many facets to it! Ditto livlove66, goosebumps EVERY time!
  • Avatar for livlove66
    this gives me goosebumps EVERY time :)
  • Avatar for judpud
    this. is. GORGEOUS.
  • Avatar for ribiszke
    perfect song
  • Avatar for ncouto
    =) No words! Love it..
  • Avatar for emmeV
    I'm in love this song (:
  • Avatar for naomirocks79
    amazing song... acoustic version is FAB :)
  • Avatar for southman81
    Sooo niceeee
  • Avatar for vale_mass
    Her voice is sooo lovely here!
  • Avatar for individuelle
    Oh I've been running all my life I ran away, I ran away from good Yeah I've been waiting all my life You're not a day you're not day too soon
  • Avatar for GaiusBertus
    The flow of the chorus is really amazing. Great stuff, grows with each listen.
  • Avatar for F1TagHeuer
    Very clean voice.
  • Avatar for SchnixiKnixi
    I looooove her voice and how she sings her songs
  • Avatar for AvaAsh
  • Avatar for Digoy
    mainstream. boring. cheesy girl stuff. Sorry.
  • Avatar for johol
  • Avatar for huldiina
    Oh so good music!! This album is great and this track is one of my favourites.
  • Avatar for MADWORLD0
    what a voice.......
  • Avatar for solacdncs
    Been running all my life...i ran away from good....I been waiting all my life, your not a day too soon....a little bit of truth ...for some of us....
  • Avatar for Brrryce
    This song should have more scrobbles.
  • Avatar for Archer13
    Sia is an amazing artist, love her stuff:)
  • Avatar for jimmackenzieviz
    love this
  • Avatar for AntoinetteM3
    This album is lovely.
  • Avatar for lover_trash
    el ritmo me recuerda macy gray !! la cancion muy buena ...
  • Avatar for KaitlinMcN
    very nice
  • Avatar for ygyzys
    And it's all so exceptionally fresh
  • Avatar for Jerominus77
  • Avatar for robotboi93
    I love her voice it's so powerful
  • Avatar for sillygirlNL
    I love this song! Her voice is amazing
  • Avatar for ricardocrespo
    Another great song by Sia! I love this girl
  • Avatar for princesspartick
    Actually love Sia's voice!
  • Avatar for damicoae
    Sia is amazing. <3
  • Avatar for shesavage
  • Avatar for anydaynow
    the arrangement in this song is really nice.
  • Avatar for TuneBlendR
    This amazing song is on Chillout Cafe, the latest release by
  • Avatar for 1Ems
    consistently great. love it.
  • Avatar for abysstic
    she's creepy, but has a great, beautiful, soulful voice!
  • Avatar for dominicgeinosky
    This has to be one of the greatest love songs. Totally sums up my wife and me. We are stitched up all over, every piece of thread with love.
  • Avatar for tanecznica
    still LOVE IT.
  • Avatar for marccioaugusto


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