• Patriotic Perversions

    17 Sep 2007, 19:49 by Ainurel

    I'm fundamentally anti-nationalist. It's not a fashion statement or an outburst of political correctness (which, apparently, is what you call any idea that you don't want people to believe in nowadays). I just don't have any use for undying loyalty to some nation that most likely doesn't even include me as its ideal member, since I'm mixed, an "ethnic horror" (Madison Grant). I'm a generic North-East-Central European, even dark enough to pass in other parts of the world as a native or half-breed, but white enough to belong to the privileged class by default (except perhaps in the eyes of some extremist Scandinavians, but they would be too polite to tell me). In short, people make me feel at home in all the countries I visit, and I have never been forced at gunpoint to choose one national or ethnic allegiance over the other, even though the choices are certainly limited.