• Beginning of 2011

    1 Jan 2011, 06:10 by FunkmastaJambro

    Best live show of 2010: tie between Thee Oh Sees at The Bug Jar in Rochester, NY (so sweaty), and William Basinski at Issue Project Room in Brooklyn, NY (so gorgeous).

    Best band I discovered in 2010: Zelienople, hands down.

    Best albums not from 2010 that I discovered/came around to in 2010:
    DJ Sprinkles - Midtown 120 Blues
    Gillian Welch - Time (The Revelator)
    Loscil - Submers
    Sam Amidon - All Is Well - the sound of working long hours in a cagey stock room, avoiding mice and moving boxes of cereal.
    burger/ink - Las Vegas - the sound of sitting on my bed drinking hot chocolate and watching the huge Rochester snowflakes fly around.
    Zelienople - His/Hers
    Gastr Del Sol - Upgrade & Afterlife
    Lambchop - OH (Ohio)
    The For Carnation - The For Carnation - the sound of me trying to keep myself awake late at night while I sat watch over a small wooden cabin full of pre-adolescents
    The Gray Field Recordings - Hypnagogia - the sound of evenings walking around the woods by myself when…
  • Listing all Sorts

    17 Aug 2007, 17:30 by Eireboy

    How much time do you spend looking at your music?

    I think I spend way too much time with iTunes and my iPod. I am constantly ordering, reordering, tweaking, updating, swapping tunes off and on the iPod, making a variety of playlists and smart playlists.

    I've seen many versions of this type of sorting on various last.fm Users pages. Being a little bored and curious about the results, here are my Sorting results:

    Alpha sort by song name:
    First: Abandoned Masquerade / Diana Krall
    Genre: Jazz
    Last: 9 AM / Crash Season Remedy
    Genre: Emo/Pop

    Alpha sort by artist name:
    First: The Abdomen / Summer Rain
    Genre: Alternative Rock
    Last: !!! / Hello? Is This Thing On?
    Genre: Alternative Rock

    Alpha sort by album name:
    First: Acoustic Heart / Adrian Gurvitz / The Journey
    Genre: New Age
    Last: 80 / B.B. King / Rock This House (feat. Elton John) (live)
    Genre: Blues

    Alpha sort by genre name:
    First: The Truck Got Stuck / Corb Lund
    Genre: Alternative Country