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  • Avatar for duffe
    does anyone know what are they up to ?
  • Avatar for nakedfun360
    I love jus chillin & gettin shooked.
  • Avatar for CrimsonRilae
    Pop punk!? what kind of bullshit is that!?
  • Avatar for J-Visual
    Tip The Weatherman needs to be higher on the charts. Their best song to date!
  • Avatar for duffe
    i want a new album
  • Avatar for 0hDeer
    very much looking forward to that, for both sides
  • Avatar for bakbord
    any news abaout that DING-split?
  • Avatar for LilaWalross
    he ain't a shook one, he just a crook one
  • Avatar for avanillasky
  • Avatar for -Trail-
    omaCore, the pop punk in this bands sound is quite obvious.
  • Avatar for kaminky
    one more (theme song for a) bellingham basement show
  • Avatar for kiwigu
    This band sounds pretty good :) why not more popular?!
  • Avatar for omaCore
    A pop punk tag? WTF
  • Avatar for summerinoctober
    "Tip the Weatherman" is such an amazing song.
  • Avatar for Robishx
    Duh fuck, these guys are from my town.
  • Avatar for mike_716
    i'm looking for Facetious Folly Feat on red/yellow starburst vinyl, anyone?
  • Avatar for bradleymiracle
    New 7" is great, but it just makes want another LP so bad.
  • Avatar for LGS
    they should start a side project called shook ones part II [2].
  • Avatar for aikoilagan
    you never failed us. MerriweatherPostPavilion is awesome. <3
  • Avatar for aikoilagan
    i still fucking love u
  • Avatar for omaCore
    What a good band!
  • Avatar for lightsout_black
    order form means so much to me, great band all round
  • Avatar for SeanyC123
    vv loled
  • Avatar for brandonmjones
    they should start a side project called shook ones part II
  • Avatar for ctrani
    Great stuff!
  • Avatar for kaminky
    bellingham's best dancers
  • Avatar for RivalGary
    I'll play it on repeat while I'm at work.
  • Avatar for RivalGary
    Just lisened to Order Form.
  • Avatar for 0hDeer
    where's Order Form in the top tracks?
  • Avatar for dsfaxover
    Cannot fucking wait til June 9th.. Shook Ones, Title Fight, Touche Amore mofuckaaas!
  • Avatar for SiberianKissed
    First Lunch, Then Brokencyde
  • Avatar for kodyDan
  • Avatar for churroradio
    sounds like shakira
  • Avatar for ChewyTWY
    i love dubstep.
  • Avatar for surdav3y
    In to pop punk? sweet like free stuff? well gave this band a listen. Download when thieves are about Ep for free
  • Avatar for xjrlokix
    Crunch Time in Shook Town.
  • Avatar for Airavis
    Wish they had the The Unquotable A.M.H on this shit
  • Avatar for breathingvictim
    So many questions on here for the Shooks. Check out this interview I did with them, get some of your questions answered:
  • Avatar for hiimarlon
    Any signs of life?
  • Avatar for surdav3y
    if your into bands like such gold and boys night out,transit gave my band a listen free Ep For download all so follow us at twitter
  • Avatar for SaucyPete
    pop punk hhaahaahahaaahahaaah,shut the fuck upp
  • Avatar for Bakavieve
    So good. Soooooooooooo good.
  • Avatar for RivalGary
    I fucking love this band.
  • Avatar for Sebzpwnz
    will I ever beeee happy with anythinggggggggg
  • Avatar for SpAgetttt
    top listener, lol
  • Avatar for DM09
    lol, why would they call themselves shooks?
  • Avatar for J-Visual
    LOL @ the first three similar artists being Kid Dynamite, Lifetime, and Paint It Black. Dead on.
  • Avatar for Dave_On_Toast
    If you're interested in similar sounding bands my band have our full album up for free download that I think you'd like! thanks so much <3 stay amazing
  • Avatar for breathingvictim
    I want to see them live :(
  • Avatar for surdav3y
    MY BANDS IS PLAYING WITH SUCH GOLD This Weekend Sunday, September 12, 2010 HEIRLOOM ART THEATRE w/ SUCH GOLD 155 Main Street - Suite 103 Danbury CT 06810 for Tickets


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