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  • Avatar for gamer5670
    Easily the best L.A based artist out there.
  • Avatar for varnisha
  • Avatar for Inverse7
    beams 10/10
  • Avatar for vywf
    Amazing how different Bad Vibes and Dark Red are
  • Avatar for FaiAhmed
    ^ bad vibes
  • Avatar for KullatNuSimmah
    Where should I start?
  • Avatar for blackholebird
    I dont know. I just cant stop listening to his music, his mixes, his ideas. i am coming back again and again and i feel home instantly. there are only one, maybe two other artists that can do that for me, where i can draw of this emotion. shlohmo is the shit.
  • Avatar for poetrybylee
    Dark Red is amazing, but nothing can touch Bad Vibes, let's be honest. [2]
  • Avatar for BURlED
    I feel like he's gonna drop an EP really soon, idk why
  • Avatar for Inverse7
  • Avatar for BURlED
    dam son
  • Avatar for taIktostrangers
    Dark Red is amazing, but nothing can touch Bad Vibes, let's be honest.
  • Avatar for diseased_racoon
    This album is INSANE! Probably already one of my favorite albums of the year. And it's only June!!
  • Avatar for Randomname270
    When I first listened to Dark Red, I approached it as a Shlohmo album, and was dissapointed. Now I just approach it as a witch house album, and I'm really enjoying it.
  • Avatar for jimi121
    love the new album! [2]
  • Avatar for miss_carriage
  • Avatar for miss_carriage
    new album is different but still fire. i love it!
  • Avatar for ChoppinOut
    Love the sounds and the dark vibe as usual but the songwriting is eh
  • Avatar for B-Roz
    ребята думают, что это вичхаус. lol.
  • Avatar for Seperat0r
    I mean I get why people don't seem to like Dark Red, it's not as original and progressive and mind-blowing as the rest of the discography. But I think Shlohmo has spent enough time reinventing the wheel. Dark Red is about perfecting a preexisting sound.
  • Avatar for OscarinofTime
    Pretty cool of Shlohmo to release the best witch house album of 2012 in 2015 [2].
  • Avatar for drussellsdct
    After listening to Dark Red 4 or 5 times, I finally get it.
    slow descent/relentless <4
  • Avatar for tuffentiny
  • Avatar for Hororo
    Am I the only one who thinks Slow descent sounds like early Squarepusher?
  • Avatar for b0nfire
    ✝✝✝ witch house lives ✝✝✝
  • Avatar for DM09
    love the new album!
  • Avatar for GullyWabbit
    favourite album of 2015 so far
  • Avatar for TheJeesus
    lel that p4k review
  • Avatar for ywanklan
  • Avatar for hh0000
    i know it's in another tune, you may change the pitch to get it
  • Avatar for hh0000
    first song is like [url=]this[/url] lol, just use your imagination
  • Avatar for Vasumitra79
    New album is interesting
  • Avatar for JTLDN
    I have to say the album is a really fascinating listen guys. Has to be a good 5.9 out of 10 at least, easy. l0l0l0l0l0l.
  • Avatar for Seperat0r
    This could be my favorite Shlohmo release. Beams is the jam of a lifetime.
  • Avatar for EderSith
    Pitchfork fucking sucks.
  • Avatar for m1a100
    A little bit repetitive and generic for me, but Dark Red have some cool stuff here and there.
  • Avatar for bkelleher
    omg panned by pfork oh no what will all his fans who still dig his music do?!?!?! :(
  • Avatar for JTLDN
    album sucks. sounds like any witch house producer from 2012. got panned by pfork too l0l. shame he fell off.
  • Avatar for DeusDaEDM
    Bad Vibes = Glitch Dark Red = Witch House
  • Avatar for DeusDaEDM
    New album is fireeeeeEEEEEEEEEe
  • Avatar for ArcticWonder
    Dark Red is magical!
  • Avatar for zain832
    Shot Shlohmo's show last night, got some solid results.
  • Avatar for Hataje
    о боже, да он ахуенен
  • Avatar for FABELHAFTen
  • Avatar for dyna-soar
    beams is wild.
  • Avatar for jack_rae
    Pretty cool of Shlohmo to release the best witch house album of 2012 in 2015
  • Avatar for megapotion
    bad vibes = chill, dark red = unchill
  • Avatar for moniQQa
    The new album is the father I never had [2]
  • Avatar for fff_O
    nothing will ever beat bad vibes stuff


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