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Band started in 2005 in Detroit, Michigan which now consists of Demonbitch, Shagrat(also of Acid Witch and Reaper) "Motor City" Chaz (also of Acid Witch and Reaper). The music is the sound equivalent to sandpaper being scrubbed on the tender buttocks of young, tender, unsullied nuns, the sound is a kind of granular, ongoing distorted fuzz embedded in a primitive frenzied chant with the buzzsaw guitar and tribal drumming of Hellhammer and unholy rasps and minimalistic riffs of Possessed, N.M.E., Slaughter and Voor or any other wicked early death-thrash while obviously being on the punk side of noise with energy and speed driven from Discharge, Disorder, G.I.S.M. and Zouo, sometimes the vocals even resembling the indescifrable gruffs of japanese hardcore…This band is guaranteed to satisfy any primitive maniac and sexual beast out there.

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