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  • Avatar for KarlaBeatles
    adorable woman! <3
  • Avatar for tfaaon
    that woman built my childhood.
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    La-La Land have done it again! They recently released a 4 disc set of music from Superman: The Animated Series. Hopefully it sells well enough that future volumes can roll out with more music from that series.
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    So La-La Land Records has gone on to release the score to Willard (minus Crispin Glover doing the cover of Michael Jackson's "Ben" - which, depending on who you ask, is unessential as far as the score is concerned but I'm sure completionists let out a collective sigh all the same) and July 16th, much to my surprise, they're releasing Shirley's score for a film I imagine most only ever saw on cable airings in the last two decades (myself included) - Turbulence. Those two releases, based on the fact that they even actually happened at all, make me more and more optimistic toward the likes of Black Christmas, Final Destination and so many others seeing the light of day on official releases. 2013 is definitely a good year to be a Shirley Walker fan.
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    Also, here's to hoping for more releases of her work that hasn't seen an actual release thus far - definitely holding out hope for Superman and V.I.P.E.R. along with Final Destination 2. Maybe one day even Black Christmas. Ah... if only.
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    Both volumes are on sale now - with the added bonus of Mask of the Phantasm being on sale before they go out of print. Definitely recommended if you can afford any (or all) of them.
  • Avatar for PopKaa
    oh, what a fantastic woman
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    Tracks cut from the re-issue are the 14 minute Gotham City Overture which opened the first disc on the original volume 1 release and the closing interview track of Shirley commenting on how she worked with Danny's theme/etc. (Music of the Bat 101) on the second disc. Still a recommended buy if you otherwise didn't have the chance to get the first release of it.
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    Fantastic news rolling out of La-La Land Records recently - a re-issue of the first Animated Series volume (minus one track from each disc) and more importantly, a huge 4-disc second volume!
  • Avatar for AcousticVersion
    She did such a great job on Final Destination's score. [3] So dark & mysterious, the only OST that gives me the creeps while listening to at nights, lol.
  • Avatar for Vladalucard
    Do listen the animated series soundtrack (2 CDs) it is magnificent (as the series are, still the best batman stuff out there).
  • Avatar for The42ndDruid
    Best Batman score ever. The music that plays when Batman swoops down is awesome.
  • Avatar for LaLa_B
    She did such a great job on Final Destination's score.
  • Avatar for CWAS91
    Ice dance <3
  • Avatar for Biscuit1978
    Come along and join the group [url=]Score Composer of the week[/url]. Nominate your 3 favourites each week and see who makes it into the Hall of Fame.
  • Avatar for darkvaliumsky
    @dandrough TRUE FAX BR0
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    Which is exactly what I mentioned, DanielosVK.
  • Avatar for DanielosVK
    But she only conducted the Edward Scissorhands score. It's composed by Danny Elfman.
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    Elaborate on "ruined", SkinneeJay. Personally I don't agree but maybe you were expecting her to mindlessly clone Carpenter and Howarth's work from Escape from New York.
  • Avatar for SkinneeJay
    I must say, she ruined Escape From L.A. score.
  • Avatar for chikamen
    Edward Scissorhands soundtracks are great R.I.P.
  • Avatar for Kershlaus91
    Great Batman soundtrack !! R.I.P Shirley Walker. I love the Joker's theme
  • Avatar for dandrough
    Shirley Walker is probably the most underrated and overlooked composer in the history of western music.
  • Avatar for Gary_Joe
    R.I.P. Shirley Walker you will always be remembered
  • Avatar for Discord_Inc
    Ah so much good music, she will be missed.
  • Avatar for wjp4107
    Good day... Please check out the [group]Movie Score Addicts...[/group] group. We would be very glad to have you as a member too. Thanks...
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    Also also, nuclearistic - she did indeed compose the Two-Face theme for TAS.
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    Also, magentte - You're correct, since Danny Elfman is the composer. She's assigned to it, however, likely due to the fact that she is credited as one of the numerous conductors of his work on the CD - Music for a Darkened Theatre, Vol. 2: Film & Television Music - and someone, somewhere has likely added her in as the sole artist to their meta tags.
  • Avatar for Jacob_Grimm
    The criminal part of issuing TAS score on CD is the limited pressing run. It's almost as if they're closing a door to the rest of the people who might not have otherwise known about its release, while thanking the select 3,000 who managed to buy a copy for making their wallets a little bit thicker during the recession. Shirley's work on that series deserves to be heard by many more individuals.
  • Avatar for magentte
    I'm 100% sure, that she's not the composer of Edward Scissorhands! So why is she assigned to this movie?
  • Avatar for nuclearistic
    Don't forget Two-face's theme- If she did that one. However, man, the soundtracks she did for the btas and mask of the phantasm are pretty much mindblowing.
  • Avatar for Fuzyfrog
    It is just use google....
  • Avatar for Rambaldi47
    I wish the music she composed for Batman TAS was available on a CD. Each villain (Catwoman, Joker, and Harley in particular) had great themes.
  • Avatar for KristinDaBomb
    Final Destination. <33
  • Avatar for MurderCapital
    Anyone that can hook me up with the Willard soundtrack?
  • Avatar for Battlefinch
    Best composer to have worked on Batman yet. R.I.P. :(

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