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  1. Image for 'Pincus and the Pig: A Klezmer Tale'

    Pincus and the Pig: A Klezmer Tale

    279 listeners

    14 tracks

  2. Image for 'Klezmer Nutcracker'

    Klezmer Nutcracker

    178 listeners

    17 tracks

  3. Image for 'Of Angels and Horseradish'

    Of Angels and Horseradish

    14 listeners

    13 tracks

  4. Image for '...Of Angels And Horseradish'

    ...Of Angels And Horseradish

    4 listeners

    13 tracks · 1990

  5. Image for 'Golden Dreydl: Klezmer Nutcracker for Chanukah'

    Golden Dreydl: Klezmer Nutcracker for Chanukah

    0 listeners

    17 tracks


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