• The Sounds they separate it, back and fourth to you.

    15 Jan 2008, 03:10 by synchroswimmr

    So I have not written on here in a really long time and thought that I might post some of the things that I have been listening to recently. Some are old, some are new.

    Kala by M.I.A.:

    WOW....this album will blow your face off. It is just that good. M.I.A. deffinately does not face the sophmore slump in this album. Fav tracks are Bird Flu, Paper Planes, and Boyz.

    We Are Pilots by Shiny Toy Guns:

    Good addictive, somewhat mainstream electronic music. Fav tracks are Starts With One and Jackie Will Save Me.

    This Is Forever by She Wants Revenge:

    Okay so yea I am a sucker for this monotone dark 80's style band. The album is very dark and my favs is What I Want.

    We Can Create by Maps:

    I really love this album. It's a good chill out cd and is great to relax to. Fav tracks: Back And Forth and To The Sky.

    We Are The Pipettes by The Pipettes:

    This album is just fun. When I listen to this I just think of the 1950's and poodle skirts. Favs are Why Did You Stay? and One Night Stand.
  • Shiny Toy Guns pictures+. 9-7-07. McDonald Theatre, Eugene, Oregon.

    10 Sep 2007, 20:18 by HedwigsInTheBox

    Shiny Toy Guns. September 7th, 2007. McDonald Theatre, Eugene, Oregon.
    [Fri 7 Sep – Eugene Celebration].

    Firstly, I actually got some messages months ago from individuals who thought that last.fm was not the place to type up detailed journals on my concert experiences, and that no one cared. So, let me just say that I type these things up first and foremost, for my own benefit. So that in six months, I can go back and read what I've written and smile in remembrance of interactions with musical acts whom I enjoy. I only include the pictures and videos for the enjoyment of others. If someone else also benefits from my own personal stories, that's perfectly welcome, too. If you don't, no one is requiring you to read this. If all you want is pictures, simply scroll down!

    So! I will now attempt to dish all the little details on my fourth Shiny Toy Guns concert experience! Ready? Okay!

    After a stressful day of lagging our asses far behind schedule, the family and I finally made our way to Eugene at just about 7PM. …
  • The Long Blondes - 11/06/07 & Shiny Toy Guns - 21/06/07

    26 Jun 2007, 05:14 by carlyray

    I missed writing about The Long Blondes show. But I'll do it now. I met the singer, Kate, after the show and she was so sweet and of course beautiful :) We talked about tattoos & the rest of their tour and stuff. She was so great! The set list, I don't think there's anyway I can remember but I'll just list a few of the songs that I can remember, it's been awhile and I was drunk (of course, when am I not at shows?)

    Weekend Without Makeup
    Once and Never Again
    Giddy Stratospheres
    Seperated by Motorways
    Swallow Tattoo
    Heaven Help the New Girl
    You Could Have Both
    In the Company of Women

    That's all I can think of right now Off The top of my head. I know there was more.

    Now onto Shiny Toy Guns.

    Show was great. but set was really short. Or at least felt so at the time lol. We met Carah Faye after the show and she was pretty cool too. Set list...these are probably not in order by the way.

    Starts With One
    Jackie Will Save Me
  • Gigs 2006 - June onwards

    15 Jun 2007, 00:45 by vaguelymarkish

    Hey, I've fallen WAY behind in keeping record of my gig-going, so I'm gonna play catch-up. This'll be Every gig I went to in 2006 from June onwards, as I covered the first half in an earlier post...

    Date: 22nd June
    Venue: Le Bataclan, Paris
    Band: Alice in Chains
    Support: Stone Sour, Blood Simple

    Yeah, not my usual thing, but I was in Paris with my best mate who is a HUGE Stone Sour fan. They were pretty good, as it goes. And Alice In Chains put on a pretty damn good show.

    Best Song: Rooster#

    Date: 7th July
    Venue: Barfly, Glasgow
    Band: Guillemots
    Support: Two blokes with guitars... No clue who...

    My brothers and I went to this gig together spontaneously and it was excellent. They brought me drinks, I got drunk, great music was played. All was right with the world! I don't want to talk about what happened after I left the gig...

    Best Song: Sao Paulo

    Date: 15th October
    Venue: Barfly, Glasgow
    Band: Fields.
    Support: GoodBooks, Kid Harpoon

  • Shiny Toy Guns Pictures+ 4.30.07

    7 May 2007, 19:02 by HedwigsInTheBox

    Mon 30 Apr – Shiny Toy Guns, The Rapture

    We arrived in Eugene about six-ish and stopped at a gas station just around the corner from the venue for a quick break. While my parents were inside, my brother and I walked to the corner to check out the line. While walking, we spotted two buses parked alongside the gas station, and immediately recognized the smaller one to be Shinys. Us being nosy, obviously peeked over to see if we could see anyone inside, and we saw what we think was Jeremy, and somebody's head. Anyway, so we ended up parking basically between The Rapture's bus and STG's bus. My bro and I were standing there waiting for ma & pa when we saw Carah come walking past us with some guy, who I think may have been her boyfriend. She was laughing and smiling, and so were we, 'cause it was finally registering that tonight was going to be insane. So we head off to get in line, and while standing there, we see a guy in a black cowboy hat. …
  • soundtrack to my life. stg style.

    16 Apr 2007, 22:08 by ilovexnerdsx

    only using stg songs :) ill doooo this later with different artists i know well or something. a lot of stg songs i have different versions of, ill skip repeats if they are basically the songs but different album versions .... i wont skip if its a remix. does that make sense? no? okay.

    i did this on shuffle ps, not just choosing.

    Make a soundtrack for your life, matching songs with the following:

    Opening song:

    Waking up:

    First date:
    Turn to Real Life
    awww "makes me feel like a girl in a fantasy" :)

    First kiss:
    Don't Cry Out
    "i'm all dressed up and i'm ready to play ..."

    Falling in love:
    this would've been much better for the next one

    Seeing an old love:
    Love or Something Like It

    Nothing compares to you

    Driving fast:
    Le Disko {boys noize remix}

    Getting ready to go out:
    Sky Fell Over Me
    how completely random. wtf that doesnt fit at all.

    Partying with friends:

    Dancing at a club:
  • Shiny Toy Guns backstage experience & pictures! 12-22-06

    27 Dec 2006, 04:19 by HedwigsInTheBox

    Shiny Toy Guns <3
    Crystal Ballroom
    Portland, Oregon
    December, 22nd, 2006

    Scroll down for pictures. =]

    I've finally gotten myself to calm down enough to write about the best day in existence. So, here we go... =D

    After a midnight arrival in Portland the night before, we were all happy and ready to go to the show. We paid $8 for parking to some asshole who didn't think it was necessary to learn any English before coming over to America, and then headed off to get in line. There were only about ten, maybe fifteen people ahead of us, and the doors didn't open for an hour. Luckily, it wasn't raining before the show, but it was cold enough to kill. I found a lot of the people around me to be...well, assholes. A lot of young scene kids with corn cobs up their asses. Kinda made me feel a bit out of place, but ah, didn't matter. So at about 7:40pm I see a girl come out of one of the trailers parked alongside the road to my left. I had to do a double take, but sure enough, it was Carah! That made my brother and I smile…