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  • Avatar for purefault
    Can anyone help me find We Are Pilots versions 1.0 and 2.0?
  • Avatar for KaynannRautt
    Carah <3'
  • Avatar for magda-333
    Don't you know I feel you
  • Avatar for Satellite6
    Season of Poison is horrific but III is pretty amazing I have to admit. I just want more.
  • Avatar for Satellite6
    I am still waiting for another album as good as we are pilots.
  • Avatar for britneyspearzzz
    I think all of their albums are phenomenal. [2]
  • Avatar for asdfghjklamy
  • Avatar for xuaaao
  • Avatar for night-songs
    we are pilots is and will always be the best <3
  • Avatar for jmeyerhead
    FIFA soundtrack
  • Avatar for mikenike925
    no! new direction is better! vvv
  • Avatar for Andrew_Klinov
    столько беспонтовых комментариев, буэ
  • Avatar for pocketcookies
    I miss the We Are Pilots days of Shiny Toy Guns (and it appears that I'm not alone). I stumbled upon "Next to You" by Oh, Be Clever recently and it reminds me a lot of the We Are Pilots sound so I thought I'd share it:
  • Avatar for My_Sharona
    still in love with this band. <3 [2]
  • Avatar for forget-my-name
    III <3
  • Avatar for gabrielbartz_
    Wow, I was thinking exactly what you guys said above. But only that I'm one of those people who stopped to listen to them after Carah's leaving, and now I feel that her comeback was in such a bad timing since I was used to the idea of a full Versant record.
  • Avatar for thebleachworks
    Season of Poison really killed there viability. It wasn't a bad album but now they have no momentum. III had no chance. [2]
  • Avatar for belphegoria
    I think all of their albums are phenomenal.
  • Avatar for breadysoul
    Unfortunately, I have to agree. There was also too much time, I think, between Season of Poison and III. For a band that has had mainstream recognition, in particular, that's a bad thing that will make more casual listeners forget about their existence. Actually, since Season of Poison didn't garner them much attention overall, it might as well be too much time between We Are Pilots and III.
  • Avatar for BruDamien
    "We are pilots is awesome, but why did everybody stop listening to their new music ? :\" Because, as Jcool0 said, Season of Poison killed them. Don't get me wrong, I like that album, but it placed STG among other generic rock bands. They had something really special with We Are Pilots, but now the moment is over. Only the fans remain :/
  • Avatar for abfdrumz
    Damn, Jcool0, way to buzzkill. I hope you're wrong (as I imagine you do). Too much good stuff going on here for this to be all.
  • Avatar for Jcool0
    Season of Poison really killed there viability. It wasn't a bad album but now they have no momentum. III had no chance.
  • Avatar for enyenya
    still in love with this band. <3
  • Avatar for elvenhome
    III is my favourite album. :)
  • Avatar for silenceawake
    Good question. The quality of their material hasn't really declined. III has everything people liked about We Are Pilots and more. People are just fickle, I guess.
  • Avatar for ZeyadZoz
    We are pilots is awesome, but why did everybody stop listening to their new music ? :\
  • Avatar for Angerwave
    "Rainy Monday" is incredible
  • Avatar for quickescapes
    Does anyone know where I can download Le disko (Acapella)? I used to have this song in my computer but it's gone and I miss it ):
  • Avatar for TheDressingRoom
    Already can't wait for album number 4 <3.
  • Avatar for alin1
    Vote for this HQ picture: (cropped to look perfect in library)
  • Avatar for mikenike925
    every one check out versant its carah faye
  • Avatar for heldx
    Songs Them Lead Me To Pure Nostalgia. I Love it ♥
  • Avatar for CHBtash
    AHHHHH!!!! They finally unlocked the Shiny pic. My prayers have been answered great gods! [2]
  • Avatar for alin1
    @javsroyale: They deleted the official pictures because [url=]I opened a topic[/url] and I said clearly why they should do that (STG changed their lineup and record label, one picture was broken). Without my requests (twice, the second one in a different forum), they would probably still keep the pics for another 4 years. ;) PS: Vote for this picture:
  • Avatar for alin1
    Finally, someone from removed the official pics (very fast after I opened the topic about that issue).
  • Avatar for alin1
    I opened a topic about removing those 2 official Shiny Toy Guns pictures here: Express your opinion. Thanks.
  • Avatar for Anto_4491
    Waiting Alone!
  • Avatar for heldx
    waiting alone
  • Avatar for CHBtash
    "Somewhere to Hide" <3
  • Avatar for AFUNKYBANANA
    I decided I liked the new album and I buyeded it. :D A part of me will always be a kid.
  • Avatar for WasNotWhyNot
    I'll never grow up.
  • Avatar for vvillean
    wait for me.
  • Avatar for alin1
    "Somewhere to Hide" official music video:
  • Avatar for brownstar
    Got a "III" signed album giveaway on my blog! Enter here:
  • Avatar for alligatorcakes
    III finally helped me accept that I have outgrown shiny toy guns. they have officially been relegated to "bands I listened to in high school." which is sad, but everything has to come to an end
  • Avatar for St1cki3
    Speaking of Sisely. She's working on some new stuff. :3 v I'm liking 'III' way more than the previous albums...
  • Avatar for AFUNKYBANANA
    I like the new album better than SoP which was horrible, but it's still no where near as good as WE ARE PILOTS IMO. I haven't decided if I really like it or not, I'll have to listen to it more than once.
  • Avatar for Bernard0o
    Carrie :]
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    I'm not really affected by the original lineup versus the lineup with Sisely. I like random songs by both.
  • Avatar for St1cki3
    But Sisely was awesome and adorable! Remember: If you hated SoP, don't blame it on her. And if you just don't like her voice, well... that's no reason to hate her or talk bad about her.


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