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  • Avatar for myflowerofevil
    eu amo o niklas kvarforth e irei protegelo
  • Avatar for rouzbedoomsday
    The best DSBM band ever [1]
  • Avatar for rouzbedoomsday
    IX : Album of the year [4]
  • Avatar for Callista06
    Fucking genius.
  • Avatar for Valenehow
    people like getting fucked in the ass though, in the most brutal ways... I guess this is why such music can become so attractive.
  • Avatar for emptycookiejar1
    The amount of butthurt on this artist page knows no bounds.
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    cookedbacon: So?
  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    kvarforth likes coldplay and muse
  • Avatar for MGAZKIB
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    I like both bands but I wish the Progressive Metal band had changed their name
  • Avatar for metalheadjoe4
    Horribly overrated band.
  • Avatar for cookedbacon
    everything that grows should be put to death
  • Avatar for Smirnoff_R-n-R
    IX : Album of the year [3]
  • Avatar for Herr_Liddell
    IX : Album of the year [2]
  • Avatar for Valenehow
    Cheers! So it would be something like "distance breeds perfection", right?
  • Avatar for EraserSyn
    @Velenehow "Perfection"
  • Avatar for Valenehow
    What does "fullkommlighet" mean? As in Självdestruktivitetens emissarie's lyrics
  • Avatar for DesInteressent
  • Avatar for FatcapVandal
    IX : Album of the year
  • Avatar for myflowerofevil
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    "Niklas is a GG allin wannabe." "GG Allin is a genius; I'm not." -Kvarforth
  • Avatar for Herick_MS
    if you're pretty ugly and nobody want to touch you, don't cry like @prdssn
  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
    Niklas is a GG allin wannabe.
  • Avatar for rOnieAirhead
    "Good looking" 10/10
  • Avatar for Pater_Seminos
    "Good looking" top kek m8
  • Avatar for Kelvindv
    I can't help but think The Last Stand sounds like Nine Inch Nails.
  • Avatar for prdssn
    Niklas Kvarforth is the Justin Bieber of metal; females like him because he's good looking, males like him because they're closet faggots and he's good looking.
  • Avatar for Cassandra-Leo
    Really surprised International Blackjazz Society hasn't gotten more attention. I'm quite impressed by it.
  • Avatar for MonawkaAdjika
  • Avatar for vinterglow
    The best DSBM band ever
  • Avatar for Herr_Liddell
    Människotankens vägglösa rum is the most played track for this week, the song has some sick riff.
  • Avatar for Tuberkulloosi
    @sangremuerto you have the internet, it's not THAT hard to find quality gay porn.
  • Avatar for mybzis
    We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Avatar for sangremuerto why he not suck a cock on a stage?) it would be so depressing. kissing is not enough.
  • Avatar for dririn
  • Avatar for haterdomingo
    good for you
  • Avatar for Lilkingcrazy
    halmstad ruined my life
  • Avatar for emptycookiejar1
    The Last Stand is killer, really looking forward to the new album, whenever it drops.
  • Avatar for SilentiumMortis
    Shining (NOR)'s music video for ‘The Last Stand’ from the new album 'International BlackJazz Society':
  • Avatar for haterdomingo
    atm my top 5 should be like: V > IX > IV > III > VII. new album is pretty great.
  • Avatar for HerrLeonLiddell
    The Norwegian Progressive Metal is quite good, but I prefer the Swedish Shining :) [1]
  • Avatar for mikenike925
    nothing beats blackjazz
  • Avatar for NargaCuuga
    The Norwegian Progressive Metal is quite good, but I prefer the Swedish Shining :)
  • Avatar for myflowerofevil
    kissing black metal 15\\9
  • Avatar for HerrLeonLiddell
    Best fucking band out there.
  • Avatar for jeff2007
    Love the new album. Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna is the best song they've ever written. [2]
  • Avatar for RealThoughtt
    "kissing black metal" lmfao.
  • Avatar for Steelvagina
    where i can find martin strandberg's documentary to watch?
  • Avatar for Hableany
    Album review:
  • Avatar for darkgnome
    Inga Broar Kvar Att Bränna is the best song they've aver written [2]


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