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45 (4:07)


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  • acoustic version is just amazingly good. better than studio one
  • Never really liked this song, but it's good.
  • nice
  • shit man, i am in love with this song
  • I rarely check out shout outs, but for some reason I glanced down today, and I gotta say, dvsmorton's comment made my day! You rock.
  • anal leakage, lol'd
  • Before I skip this anal leakage of a song I will have to say...... Holy crap this band is crap. They whine like they are in kindergarten. How many teens are listening to this song getting all demotivated? I hear this and I think waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Buck up!! This world will eat you alive if you don't. Or you could just let natural selection work things out.
  • i think the accoustic version is better
  • Awesome song. One of my favorites.
  • Good Stuff!! love his voice & the song
  • One of my favourites from them. How anyone can resist Brent's beautiful voice is beyond me <3
  • Love this song so much <3
  • I love this song and love seeing Shinedown live.
  • классный трек)
  • "swallowed by pain as he slowly fell apart"
  • Damn good song. The swimming through the ashes of another life really hits home.
  • <3
  • <3
  • chills almost every time
  • Good song.
  • this song one of the best i have haerd and i just love it it gets to my haert i mindes me of a great friend that die and it is going to be my favoert . and you guys keep rocking now .
  • THANKS BARRY.-.-.-.-
  • great song :)
  • ♥ my 45
  • awesome live in chatt town
  • <3
  • <3
  • The song should just end abruptly but it doesn't. heh.
  • @Iwillpersevere,Хуй старый.
  • Like this!
  • ааххахахаххахахахаххахахахахаха))) *из-под стола* песня айс)))
  • @Iwillpersevere, это ты эмо усатое!
  • nice emo song.
  • such a great song!
  • Post-Grunge
  • Amazing song.
  • @sm105: Well, I've heard that it's about a guy who is in love with some chick, she gets pregnant and later he finds out that the child is not his. Or something like that, can't remember the exact version.
  • Hope that they will play the song on nov 15th!
  • so boring song, i got tired of it after 3 listens.. overrated
  • :@ I'm all for Last.FM's new tag correction thing, but telling me that the correctly tagged ".45" is wrong and should be "45" despite it being wrong is gaaayyyyyy.
  • best song
  • great song. I read it somewhere that this is the story of a man who is becoming a father ("send a message to the unborn child"). and he thinks that becoming a father will change his life in a way like he is committing suicide.
  • metallica
  • This song is emo, in the same sense that _How Will I Laugh Tomorrow_ was 20 years ago... which is to say, it totally kicks ass _and_ it's based on the realization that we're limited creatures in a world that's screwed up in more ways than we can deal with, and that sometimes raging against the machine (ahem) doesn't get you anywhere except angry.
  • Oh no, someone has a different opinion of a song's genre. Seriously, whatever happened to listening to MUSIC, you know, instead of spending countless seconds whining about how someone called your precious band something you disagree with.
  • emo has nothing to do with a person or music sound. it was in fact, first used to describe a bands stage act, where the band would be very emotional onstage. well thats the technical, term in my opinion its simply a term coined by some necktie to justify his paycheck.
  • I, too, have overdosed on the ridiculous EMO label.
  • its cute
  • whats with the elephant cover?


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