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There is more than one artist with this name:

1) SHINE released their first album “The Common Station” in 2008. The band drew interest by their supporting acts for Sia in London and for Morcheeba during their latest european tour. SHINE’s music has since gained a worldwide audience (BBC, TV show ‘Ugly Betty’, compilations in the USA, in Europe and Asia, festival SXSW). After the release of the acclaimed EP "Shine featuring Terry Reid" in 2009, they are now releasing their second LP "Judas and Mary".

SHINE are Guillaume Simon, Laurent Houdard & Antoine Delecroix + Julie Gomel, Bendja

« SHINE’s music is great, wonderful in every way ! »
Paul Godfrey (Morcheeba)

SHINE Official website.

2) Shine is a cantopop band in Hong Kong consisting of 2 members - 徐天佑(TienYou)and 黃又南(YouNam)

3) Shine is a solo project of dark ambient soundartist Schahram Poursoundmand. He released one concept-album called "Inthecentre". The main topic of this release is the process of diving, falling and melting into music, to listen, to feel and to see the focus of it, to unite the human existance and sound. More info and sound samples can be found over here.

4) Shine is the name of a Scottish folk trio of the three women Alyth McCormack, Mary Macmaster and Corrina Hewat. More info here.

5) Shine is an Italian band formed by Juan Pablo Aboytes (Voice, Chitarra), Stefano Croella (Guitar), Alessio Garofalo (Drums) and Simone Dalena (bass). More info here.

6) Shine was a jazz trio based in Barnstaple, North Devon. More information on Tony Oreshko's current projects at http://www.oreshko.co.uk/

7) Shine is a project put together by Bill Laswell featuring guitarist Buckethead and Shin Terai (profile). They released the record Heaven and Hell in 2004. More information about Bill Laswell and his projects can be found here.

8) Shine was a band lead by Dutch guitar player Richard Janssen (Ex-Fatal Flowers). They made two albums in the 90s.

9) Shine was a Japanese Eurobeat trio. One of their albums was a non-stop mix of anime cover songs called Euro Anime-J.

10) Shine (aka "Shine MK") was an all female Christian pop group from England which was popular in the US for a time around the year 2000

11) The Shine - An Indie/Rock/Alternative band from Hull, UK.

12) Shine - Аn Alternative Rock Group from Montana, Bulgaria. http://www.myspace.com/shinebg

13) Shine - A French trip-hop band.

14) An indie rock band from Bloomington, IN, USA, active from 1992 to 1995.

15) Stoner rock band from Poland.

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