• Sheryl Crow's Wildflower is simply amazing..

    2 Oct 2005, 15:32 by Maxx2029

    I had heard the clip from I Know Why in iTunes' Music Tuesday, but I was still weary of what kind of a Sheryl are we getting this time. Another C'mon, C'mon was not really what I wanted, and luckily this is kind of the polar opposite of C'mon, C'mon.

    On the Wildflower album Sheryl Crow is going to the musical direction I was hoping for, more down tempo and less loud. This album really suits her singing voice. There might not be as catchy pop-songs as Soak Up the Sun, but there still are catchy choruses. Where Has All The Love Gone, Wildflower, Perfect Lie and especially I Know Why are amazing songs, from the first time listening to the album I know I would listening this to the rest of the day and it will go straight to my mp3-player (to be played over and over and over during my bus rides to work and back).

    It is really amazing album, as there aren't any really weak songs. All of them are quite strong and fit together nicely. .. …